The Hairy Bikers are a pair of popular chefs. Named Si King and Dave Myers, they followed a diet plan to lose seven stone between them.


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The pair are appearing in The Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure tonight.

Si and Dave will hit up southern Spain. They will head from Valencia to Torremolinos, leaning history and cooking food.

They pair get their hands on octopus and cook tapas.

Having lost a lot of weight, these chefs show how its possible to love food and lose weight.

So, how did they do it?

In 2016, Dave said: “I was something like 40 per cent fat, my blood sugar was borderline for Type 2 diabetes and my cholesterol and blood pressure were way too high.

“For me it was incremental. I probably put on a stone a decade which I think a lot of people do.”

Si added: “It’s never too late to do something about it, you just need very small incremental steps, such as walking 500 yards more every day.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s not about massive changes. With lots of small changes you develop momentum, you can see the difference.”

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Eating spicy food helped the chefs to slim down, they admitted.

“here are very few calories in spice. If you’re clever with herbs and spices you can make fantastic dishes which have less calories,” Si said.

Unlike a number of weight loss plans, The Hairy Bikers did not cut out carbohydrates.

Si went on: “You can have carbohydrates as long as you’re careful because your body needs it – carbs just shouldn’t be the biggest portion on your plate.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s just making sure that the food you eat is comforting, nutritious and is held back on the salts and sugars a bit.”


  • Weight loss: Man shed one stone in 12 weeks with at home plan

However, the pair did count calories when they dieted.

There are various ways to do this, with a number of apps available.

Another star who slimmed down is Scarlett Moffatt.

Scarlett Moffatt’s weight loss impressed many fans. 

She managed to slim from an 18 to a 10, an impressive feat.

Scarlett limited her calorie intake, much like the Hairy Bikers.

Following the plan, the TV star was limited to 1,350 calories a day which was split across breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast would be 250 calories, lunch would be 350 calories and dinner would be 450.

She could also have up to 300 calories worth of snacks including fat free yoghurt.

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