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Fern Britton, 62, once hosted this morning alongside Philip Schofield on This Morning before being replaced by Holly Willoughby. Since leaving the programme she has lost five stone.

Did the TV presenter, who shrank from a size 22 to a 12, follow a weight loss diet to shed the impressive about on weight?

Back in 2008, Fern took the decision to undergo a gastric band operation.

The op is used by many who are looking to lose drastic weight.

It puts a small soft band around the stomach, limiting what can be put in it in one sitting.

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She has dicussed the operation in the past.

“I had the gastric band for health reasons,” Fern said.

“My cholesterol was high. My knee joints were starting to hurt. I wasn’t able to run.

“I was approaching 50 and I thought: ‘Do you know what? I’m going to be different when I’m 50,’” she told the Mail Online in 2011.

She said: “For me it’s worked. I’ve got good cholesterol now. I’m incredibly fit.”

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Fern also followed a gluten free diet when slimming down, something her former husband Phil Vickery revealed.

The TV chef said: “Fern has cut right back on carbohydrates and eats a really healthy diet now with loads of vegetables and fruit.

“She likes my cooking. Family meals are old-fashioned favourites, like cottage pie or chicken with lots of veg and salad.”

Fern claimed the gastic band surgery played a part in her leaving This Morning.

She told TalkRADIO: “It was all gastric band-gate. It ruffled a few feathers. I think perhaps I became a bit of a liability to ITV. I really don’t know.

“But I know that the day I decided to leave – and I’m not going to get into this now – something happened that morning and I thought, “I’m done” and ITV went, “Thanks very much, goodbye.”‘

Another TV star who has impressed with their weight loss is Gregg Wallace who lost four stone. 

The TV greengrocer claimed in an interview over the weekend the thought of being overweight during the coronavirus pandemic terrified him.

Gregg said: “I remember thinking, ‘Oh God, what if I was still fat? I could have been really ill’.”

“I felt incredibly relieved that if I caught it I’d probably be OK,” he told The Telegraph. It’s made me fearful for other men.”

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