Rugby Union: Lions tour to go ahead in South Africa as planned

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Not only is Vicky a talented rugby player, fast runner, and former top athlete, the World Cup winner is also a coach and personal trainer. Therefore, she knows a thing or two about what beginner and amateur athletes alike should eat to fuel their training, as well as which general exercises to do to keep fit and healthy.

Vicky missed out on the 2016 Rio Olympics due to an injury, and did not take part in this year’s Games either.

But, since her recovery, she has been working hard to prepare for upcoming games and tournaments at the end of the year and next year.

One of the team’s fastest runners due to her former career as a hurdler, Vicky eats healthily to fuel her body while training.

On a daily basis, the rugby star said she eats “either porridge and banana or eggs on toast” for breakfast.

She added: “For lunch I often have chicken with salad or veg, or I may have something with eggs if I’ve had porridge in the morning.

“Dinner is usually meat or fish, veg and a carb like rice or potatoes.

“But I will also have at least one vegan meal a week as I get Mindful Chef deliveries to help keep it balanced and interesting.”

As for snacking, Vicky is all for it.

She said: “I always snack! Bananas are a go-to, but I also love rice crackers with hummus.

“I do tend to have a few sweets to give me a bit of energy on days with multiple training sessions.”

Vicky stressed the importance of eating before exercise to “have sufficient energy”, but she said she doesn’t think too much about what she eats.

She explained: “I won’t eat anything too close to exercising, but I always need to make sure I’ve got enough fuel, so will have a decent meal usually about an hour or two beforehand.

“As long as it’s nothing too heavy then I’m good to go.”

As well as rugby, the athlete enjoys going to the gym, saying: “I like CrossFit style workouts combined with some weight-lifting and conditioning mixed in.

“I try to keep it balanced and work my entire body.”

For beginners just getting into exercise, Vicky recommended finding “something you enjoy doing”.

She said: “Look for something that looks like fun to you.

“If you can’t stand running for example, there’s no point trying to force yourself.

“There are so many different activities you can try and loads of gyms or things like ClassPass offer trials so you can see what works for you.”

As for diet, Vicky advised staying away from red meat a few hours before exercise as “it is harder to digest and will make you feel sluggish”.

Her top tip to stay healthy and full of energy is to try and make time for exercise every day.

She said: “Your diet should be well balanced and you should be looking at exercising at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, even if this is just going for a brisk walk.

“It’s good for your mental health too so try to make time for it.”

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