Jeremy Clarkson promotes his Hawkstone Lager

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Jeremy Clarkson will appear on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight on ITV at 10:05pm. He will be joined by other celebrity guests Riz Ahmed, Stephen Merchant, Sting, Gary Barlow, and Sheridan Smith.

When seeing Jeremy on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight, viewers will be reminded of the presenter’s recent weight loss.

Jeremy’s appearance has changed over the years, especially since beginning his career in television in 1988.

At the time, he was one of Top Gear’s first ever presenters.

Since then, the 61-year-old has hosted and appeared on a plethora of shows, including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Clarkson’s Farm.

The TV personality has opened up about his weight loss in the past, unveiling that he lost a considerable amount of weight before the pandemic, in 2019.

Jeremy lost an impressive two stone in just a few months.

He did this by making slight changes to his diet and lifestyle.

The presenter started eating healthier meals, such as salads, and also took up cycling.

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Additionally, Jeremy travelled to Vietnam before lockdown and cited this too as one of the reasons behind his weight loss.

The TV personality told Jonathan Ross at the time: “I went on a gap year! I went on a gap year to Indochina.

“They just have a better diet out there.

“Plus I had a bicycle rather than a car.

“Cycling is not a good thing to do, I’m all broken as a result of it but I did lose a lot of weight.

“Where I was staying was separated from the small town by a mountain but it was much bigger than Everest.”

Jeremy also reduced the amount of alcohol he drank, which made a huge difference to his weight.

He said: “It was only three kilometres and I cycled it every day.

“I said ‘I can’t have a drink unless I cycle into town’.

“I wanted to get fit.”

Although he cycles, Jeremy does not enjoy going to the gym or running.

He has previously compared his lifestyle to Her Majesty’s, telling The Sun in 2019: “The Queen doesn’t go to the gym, and she doesn’t run, and she’s 93 and she’s all right.

“Apparently, she only has a forkful, she only has a tiny bit, that’s what I’ve heard.

“She’ll sit down and just have one little bit of mousse and bit of a lettuce leaf.”

Although Jeremy admitted he put on a few pounds during lockdown, he has managed to maintain his slim frame by being outside, walking, and working on his farm.

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