Studio Figura owner Sylwia looks back on her weight loss journey

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FORTY-THREE-year-old Kiran Meka overhauled his diet last year when confronted with a bleak health diagnosis.

His lifestyle was unhealthy; he enjoyed going to fast food chains with his friends and ate a lot of processed meat.

He got into the habit of going to pubs, having a few drinks and then ordering “junk food” on the menu.

He began running in 2016 but because of his large frame found it “painful”.

It wasn’t until one particular run that he realised how bad his food consumption had gotten.

He recalled: “I just couldn’t breathe.”

He felt scared and “knew something was wrong”, remembering his mother who died 16 years prior from a suspected heart attack at only 50 years old.

He went to the hospital and was given the “dreaded” diagnosis of high cholesterol and being pre-diabetic.

However, it wasn’t the wake up call Kiran needed as he continued to “live in denial” and go on as normal with his unhealthy habits.

It was not until he came across Game Changers, a documentary about veganism on Netlifx, that he started to pay attention.

He then watched Forks Over Knives, which also promoted plant-based living.

Kiran “sprung” up from his chair, immediately threw away a crate of 30 eggs he had just bought, and committed himself to veganism.

Since that day, he “never” looked back.

He returned to the hospital almost a year later for the same tests and was told that he had entirely reversed his high cholesterol and pre-diabetic condition.

In the doctor’s words, he had “cleaned his body inside out”.

His holistic approach changed “absolutely everything” about his life – not only his waistline (which dropped by 10 inches) but his sleeping patterns, confidence, and overall happiness.

Kiran believes that a plant-based diet is the way to go for anyone who wishes to lose weight, as opposed to taking medication. 

Kiran decided to devote his life to promoting healthy living.

He is currently studying for a PhD in public health and works for Plant Based Health Professionals, an organisation that is “dedicated to providing education and advocacy on whole food plant-based nutrition”.

Kiran swears by avoiding “anything with a barcode”, and opts for meals like chickpea curry to keep him sustained rather than pub food or “junk”.

He concluded: “Now my body thrives.”

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