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The Mayr Method diet plan was created by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr who was said to believe that everything is connected to the gut and what we eat, or don’t eat, can affect our overall health and wellbeing, including weight.

The diet was invented more than 100 years ago and it involves following a mindful eating approach which is thought to help slimmers lose weight.

However, there are also rules associated with the plan, which according to two experts, are not sustainable.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, one expert has shared how a healthy gut can be incredibly important but the diet also seems highly restrictive.

Myprotein nutrition expert, Jamie Wright, said: “The diet itself is highly restrictive and makes a number of claims unsubstantiated by scientific evidence. 

“One such claim being the promotion of alkaline foods and restricting acidic foods to promote a more desirable PH level within our body. 

“To summarise, the PH of your food is irrelevant; our body regulates PH very effectively and, if it didn’t, you’d be pretty ill.”

The method is designed to cleanse and detox the body, which according to the expert can be quite harmful.

Jamie added: “A diet will never work for you if your lifestyle is forced around it. Food is wonderful; I committed a lot of money and time to studying it so believe me when I say I’m a fan. 

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“But, we waste so much time looking for the next exciting thing or miracle cure when, in reality, the nature of weight loss and sustainable management is quite simple.”

The diet also has many rules associated with it.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Nutritionist Jenna Hope, explained: “The Mayr Method is a restrictive diet with many dietary rules such as eating within a limited time period, avoiding snacking, gluten and dairy alongside refraining from raw food after 4pm and many other dietary rules. 

“The method is designed to ‘cleanse and detox the body’ although, the key roles of the liver and kidneys are to remove unwanted toxins from the body. 

“Consuming certain foods will not detox the body.  

“The rules are designed to promote a significant calorific deficit which is the key contributor to weight loss experienced from the Mayr Method.”

The expert also explained that the rules of the weight loss method are “unnecessary” in order to achieve weight loss.

Jenna added: “Weight loss can be achieved through consuming a healthy balanced diet with a focus on total food intake and portion size.”

In order to lose weight, you must be eating in a calorie deficit which means you must be consuming less calories than the body is burning.

There are many tools to work out your calorie deficit online and this can be paired with exercise for a sustainable, healthy weight loss.

Jenna went on: “Stress, sleep and other lifestyle factors may also play a role in weight loss. 

“Additionally, the diet does promote more mindful eating which is beneficial for supporting appetite regulation, gut health and micronutrient absorption.”

Key habits when following the diet include eating slowly, drinking between meals, eating a big breakfast and a smaller lunch to encourage mindful eating.

However the nutritionist explained that “one doesn’t have to follow the Mayr Method in order to adopt mindful eating”.

Jenna added: “The diet is extremely unsustainable and promotes an unhealthy relationship with food due to the extreme and unnecessary rules. As a result, this diet is not recommended to support long-term sustainable weight loss or long-term health.

“This diet is commonly followed alongside a workout regime which can also contribute to weight loss.”

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