Michael Mosley discusses health benefits of drinking water

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Dr Michael Mosley often shares his weight loss tips with slimmers online as well as on television. He is the creator of The Fast 800 – a diet plan that helps people lose weight quickly.

Dr Michael Mosley has previously shared the “most effective diet” for weight loss.

This is the Mediterranean diet, which the nutrition expert has also said is “one of the healthiest diets on the planet.

But eating a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet, rich in different coloured fruits and vegetables, will not only help slimmers lose weight, but will also give them the chance of getting the wide variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients the body needs – for both physical and mental health.

Dr Mosley said: “While prescribed medication and counselling can be helpful, research now shows that our diet can also play a key role in managing stress and sleeplessness.

“The link lies in our gut – two to three kilograms of microbes live in the digestive system, and amongst other things, they produce neurotransmitters.

“These chemicals convey messages from the gut, through the nervous system to the brain – impacting our mood and anxiety levels.

“Eighty percent of our serotonin – the happy hormone – is produced in the gut.”

The doctor added: “Not only this, their high fibre content is a great way to boost your microbiome – the trillions of microbes that live in your large intestine – which are so important for your health and, as studies now recognise, your mental wellbeing.”

Dr Mosley went on to recommend which foods slimmers should try to boost both the gut and the brain.

He said: “Olive oil, common within the Mediterranean diet helps reduce gut inflammation.

“Try it as salad dressing or drizzled over some cooked vegetables for a double whammy and it makes all that Mediterranean inspired veg, beans and lentils taste even better.”

The doctor explained that “fertiliser foods” are also good for the brain, saying: “It is possible to correlate a healthy diet with a healthy mind.

“Prebiotic foods form the foundation of a psychobiotic diet – a vegetable and fibre rich one that’s good for your brain, keeps your mood up and anxiety levels at bay.

“They act as the ‘fertiliser’ for the good bacteria and encourage them to proliferate and, in time, counter the effects of more harmful bacteria.

“Leeks, onions and garlic are all prebiotics.”

Dr Mosley added: “Fermented foods like kefir, miso paste, kombucha and sauerkraut all help strengthen the good bacteria in the gut, while fruit, vegetables and whole foods rich in fibre feed the gut microbiome, and allow it to thrive.”

Finally, the nutrition expert recommended “cutting down on the sweet stuff”.

He said: “It’s also important to try and avoid – or at least cut down – on processed foods like takeaways, as tempting as they may be during self-isolation, as these destroy the active healthy bacteria in the digestive system.

“Treat your microbiome with care – feed it well and it will look after you.

“Eating loads of sugary or processed foods, on the other hand, will just reinforce the ‘bad’ microbes that also live down there.”

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