Molly-Mae Hague says she's 'not in shape' for her holiday

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The social media star made the comments as she filmed herself packing for the trip. She said: “I definitely am not in the shape I want to be (for the trip).”

However, the star – who rose to fame on the reality TV show Love Island – has changed her attitude towards her figure, she told fans.

Molly, who is now the Creative Director at fast fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, claimed to have “taken the pressure off”.

She said: “I’ve really taken the pressure off with healthy eating and exercising recently.

“I’m just sort of embracing my natural body and not even worrying about how I look.”

The social media star told fans she has worked had before campaign trips in the past to be in shape.

However, she had “come to terms” with her body and the way she would look for the shoot.

Molly said: “I know I’m not going to look on the campaign how I envisioned I wanted to look, but I’m actually not really that bothered about it.

“I’ve sort of come to terms with the fact that if I wanted to be in the shape I wanted to be in for this shoot I would have had to have started six months ago.

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“That’s what I did with Ibiza and I couldn’t really be bothered.”

Last year Molly hit out after unkind comments were made about her body online after she wore a bikini on the beach.

She issued a response to the shocking comments on Twitter, where Molly wrote: “I would genuinely love to know who writes these comments?

“Like how can you actually write s*** like that and sleep at night? Beyond me.”

Shortly after the comments were made, Molly told followers she was “on a really strict diet plan.

“I’m on this diet plan that’s been given to me by this really great guy that specialises in body transformations and I’m just really trying to get back to my pre-Love Island body.

“Before anyone says ‘the trolling has made her want to lose weight’, no.

“This has been an ongoing struggle for me literally in the last year since coming out of the show.”

Molly recently told fans she had a “full beard” after a beauty treatment. 

The star had dermaplaning, a treatment that sees the face shaved with a tiny place to remove hair and skin cells.

Molly said: “If you guys can see that I do have a little bit of a beard, we’re not talking about it.

“I need to speak to you guys about my battle with dermaplaning – and just wish I never got dermaplaning. I basically have a full beard now.”

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