If you love bread just as much as Oprah does (i.e. with a strong, burning passion), we found the perfect must-have for you: the Bread Pillow.

While the Burrito Blanket was busy winning hearts all over the internet earlier this month, it definitely did not see this bake off coming. The Bread Pillow, which is available on Amazon, looks exactly like a baguette — and carb lovers are straight-up obsessed.  “Finally you can fulfill your lifelong dream of falling asleep on a giant pillow made of bread!” wrote one shopper. “It’s got a fluffy exterior, and plastic beans on the inside. It’s a pretty good pillow… just don’t try to eat it.”

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You can purchase your own realistic-looking loaf in three different sizes: 12 inches, 24 inches, and 32 inches. These super soft pillows range from under $5 to $11 (a total steal!), and will make all of your carb-filled dreams come true. Shoppers love gifting it to the bread lovers in their lives, and even say it makes a great body pillow. And while this baguette plushie doesn’t actually smell like freshly-baked bread, we believe anything is possible if you think about it hard enough.


Buy It! Funny 3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow, $4.70–$10.99; amazon.com

The pillow has garnered so much attention that it’s currently Amazon’s number one best-selling kids’ toy pillow, as well as Amazon’s choice if you just so happen to be searching for a “baguette pillow.” Whether you know someone who will absolutely lose their buns over this pillow or simply want it for yourself (we’re all bread lovers here!), the Bread Pillow is too good to pass up.  

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