Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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Going through any type of upheaval can lead to stress-related weight gain and other health issues but after putting on the pounds, Jackie Fry decided enough was enough and turned her life around. Following the unfortunate break-down of her marriage, the mum-of-three stopped prioritising herself as she felt immense pressure to be “super-mum”.

And as a result, the weight piled on and she found herself weighing in at 13st 8lbs.

“Following the breakdown of my marriage, I felt an immense pressure to be a super-mum, which meant I did not prioritise myself for a very long time,” Jackie said.

“This resulted in me gaining weight, which made me feel awful in myself and I had no energy.

“I felt like I was living in someone else’s body and because my life was so hectic, I had a reason not to exercise.”

She continued: “Our generation’s lives are so stressful. There are really high expectations to be the perfect mum, the perfect housewife, the perfect employee, and being able to be all those things to all people.

“And sometimes that can become quite overwhelming.”

But she revealed she had tried “pretty much every weight loss programme known to man” over the years.

“Losing weight has never been the issue for me,” the mum-of-three explained.

“But I have always struggled to maintain it, because I never had the toolkit to rely on once the diet was over.”

However, Jackie’s life changed for the better after she came across an advert for weight loss club, Noom.

She was attracted by their programme’s psychology behind why individuals eat what they eat and how they perceive food, exercise, and diet in general.

Last Christmas, she took the plunge and signed up and has reached her weight loss goal.

“I wouldn’t say any part [of the process] was overly difficult, but fitting everything in and being totally committed to me felt selfish at times,” Jackie explained.

She has since dropped four dress size and now weighs an incredible 11st 4lbs, three pounds lighter than her original target.

Not only has she reached her dream weight by curbing her overeating, she no longer sees food as a reward.

But how did she do it?

Jackie’s daily diet before Noom:

Breakfast – white toast with butter

Lunch – large sandwich and crisps

Snacks – Chocolate bars

Large dinner

Jackie’s daily diet after Noom:

Breakfast – Whole meal toast, boiled egg and cucumber or a low-fat yoghurt with fruit and granola

Lunch – Pasta salad

Snacks Fruit

Healthy dinner

“There is always some room in my week for a few glasses of wine and chocolate!” she giggled.

“Generally, I opt for something healthy and fulfilling which fuels me as opposed to stodgy and short term.”

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