Natalie Cassidy has been a regular feature on British television for many years. Fans are likely to have noticed her changing shape over the years.


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Natalie dropped from a size 16 to a 4 to 6.

Talking to Bella magazine, weight-loss expert Steve Miller said of Natalie: “She looks like she’s lost up to three stone over the years, and is a size 8.

“She’s lost weight on her face, legs, arms and neck and would be around nine stone.

“She’s done it the right way, which indicates a boost in her self-esteem. She looks gorgeous!”

How did Natalie Cassidy lose weight?

The inspiration to lose weight came along with the desire to run the London Marathon.

The long run forced the actress to change her habits.

She ran the marathon in 2019 to honour Barbara Windsor, her former EastEnders cast member who played Peggy Mitchell in the soap.

Natalie finished in five hours and 27 minutes – so how did she train and lose weight?

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Natalie Cassidy exercise plan

Natalie ran 18 miles a day as preparation for the marathon.

Natalie still runs, posting on Twitter recently: “On gloomy days like this running will make you feel so much better…!”

Natalie is not the only soap star to have lost a lot of weight in recent years.


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Emmerdale star Laura Norton’s weight loss was down to cutting out one drink from her diet plan. 

Many of us enjoy a fizzy drink every once in a while, but for Laura it was more than just a treat.

She drank litres of fizzy drinks a day.

Laura told The Mirror in 2018: “I had been addicted since I was a teenager.

“At its worst I used to drink two two-litre bottles of Coke a day. I know now how much sugar is in it.

“But, when you are addicted, you don’t realise how much you are getting through. In the end, it was my dad who pointed it out.”

This amounted to a whopping 800 extra calories a day.

That is enough to cause anyone to put on extra weight.

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