Pippa Middleton ‘expecting second child’ says expert

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During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes immensely. According to the NHS, “the more active and fit” someone is during their pregnancy, “the easier it will be to adapt to their changing shape and inevitable weight gain”. Keeping fit whilst growing a child is also said to help with labour, as well as the changes your body will experience post-partum. Pippa Middleton previously spoke out about exercising during her pregnancies. The British socialite who has two children with her husband James Middleton revealed the exercise adjustments she made during her first trimester and a celebrity trainer has weighed in on what the “golden rules of exercise during pregnancy” are. 

Pippa explained: “Sport and exercise have always formed part of my daily life, from gym sessions to weekend runs, ambles or training for an event. 

“Fitness gives me energy and helps clear my mind. I love the endorphins and the buzz factor that exercise gives. 

“When I learned the happy news that I was pregnant I realised I needed to adjust my normal four to five-day-a-week routine and find a way of continuing my exercise safely throughout the three trimesters. 

“So, the journey of pregnancy fitness began,” she added. 

Pippa went on to reveal how she chose to workout for “45 minutes, three to four times a week” but this was dependent on her “energy levels”. 

She also ensured all the routines she did do were “lighter than usual”.

“The days I wasn’t going to the gym to do a class (Barrecore, strength and conditioning, Pilates or yoga) I’d try to cycle or walk with weights to work the arms and make it more challenging,” she added. 

“I found the fresh air better than ever for clearing the head and keeping the body active, so too with swimming and tennis – I’ve never enjoyed these more.” 

There was one form of exercise Pippa did stop, and that was running. 

She explained why: “I stopped running, not because I read it was unsafe, just because I rather liked the idea of giving my body (and growing baby) a rest from pavement pounding.” 

Professor Greg Whyte OBE, a personal trainer for celebrities taking part in Sports Relief challenges, and author of Bump It Up, offered his opinion on exercising and pregnancy. 

He said: “Pippa highlights some of the other golden rules of exercise during pregnancy.

“Reducing the intensity and to a moderate level is very important.

“It’s also advisable not to overheat and to make sure you keep well hydrated. This can be achieved by reducing both the intensity and duration of exercise and drinking plenty of water.” 

The expert added: “Pippa has chosen not to run and focus instead on walking and other sports. 

“As she’s already a regular runner, there’s nothing to say she couldn’t continue. But it’s a personal choice and down to how you feel.

“She’s also right not to try any new exercise or sport during her pregnancy. 

“I’m often asked whether it’s safe to take part in sports that have the potential for impact, such as skiing or horse riding. 

“My first response is to ask if the mother has always taken part in the sport and if they are proficient. If the answer is yes, then in general, continuing to participate in the sport they enjoy is acceptable, as long as basic rules are adhered to.

“Of course, as the pregnancy progresses, the increase in the size of the bump may simply preclude certain activities on biomechanical grounds as the centre of gravity changes,” he commented. 

Pippa Middleton’s pregnancy workout guide is in conjunction with Waitrose magazine. 

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