Pippa Middleton on ‘embarrassing’ royal wedding moment in 2014

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Pippa Middleton leads an extremely active lifestyle, and as a result, her physique stays toned. When exercising, it is important to improve mobility as this allows a fuller range of movement. The British socialite shared her favourite exercises for mobility – with the target on “trimmer thighs”. 

Pippa said: “The body moves in three planes – the sagittal, frontal and transverse. 

“Most daily actions, such as walking or eating, take place in the sagittal plane – in other words using forward and backward motions. 

“To engage muscles from different angles and improve your overall range of mobility, and also to prevent injuries and acquire better body stability, it’s important to exercise in different planes, particularly in the lateral. 

“I’ve included moves this week that are perfect to add to your strength workout, and the three-dimensional routine will help to balance the shape of your body to create a soft, feminine sculpted look. 

“Similarly, adding this variety into your strengthening programme will boost your athleticism by incorporating twisting, side, bending and rotation movements,” she added. 

Target trimmer thighs 

“Tone and tighten your inner and outer thighs with these multidirectional moves,” Pippa explained. 

Squat with leg raise

This move “increases your heart rate and works your outer thighs”. 

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and shift your hips back into a squat. 

2. Rise up and lift your left leg out to side, squeezing your glutes. 

3. Lower your leg, squat and repeat with your right leg.

Band walk 

This move “sculpts innner and outer thighs” and requires a resistance band. 

1. Place a resistance band around both legs just above the ankles with feet beyond hip-width apart.

2. Keeping the band taut, move sideways to the left by leading with one leg. 

3. Repeat, this time moving to the right.

4. You can also do this exercise lying down on your side and lifting one leg as high as possible towards the sky. Switch sides for the other leg. 

Lunge with rotation 

This move “targets bottom, thighs and abdominal muscles”. 

1. From a standing position, raise your arms to shoulder level and extend in front. 

2. Step into a lunge and twist torso left. 

3. Return to start, and repeat to the right. 

To really target your abdominal muscles, ensure core remains tight. 

Inner thigh lift 

This move “squeezes inner thigh muscles”. 

1. Lie on your left with hips stacked and legs extended. 

2. Bend right knee to a right angle and support your body with the left upper arm. 

3. Flex left foot and lift leg as high into the air as you can. 

4. Roll over and repeat. 

Pippa’s 10-week tone-up is in conjunction with Waitrose magazine.

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