Princess Anne 'is the best of the royal family' says Galloway

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Princess Anne, 71, has an impressive figure, and has done throughout her lifetime. Always very sporty, she eventually became the first Royal Family member to participate in the Olympics for the Equestrian team. What diet does Anne follow to achieve such an impressive figure?

Charlotte Norton, the Medical Director at The Slimming Clinic told “At any age, maintaining a healthy weight is always important, however as people get older, it does get more difficult.

“The fact that Princess Anne exemplifies good health shows that she must lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

“While the usual weight loss rules would have applied, such as burning more calories than she consumed, eating lean meat, reducing sugary foods with little to no nutritional value and avoiding fad diets, there are additional things that I believe Princess Anne would have done.

“As you become older, you lose muscular mass. Strength training can help to compensate for this.

“Princess Anne is arguably one of the busiest royals and is known to lead a very active lifestyle with occasional horse riding,” the expert claims.

She continued: “We know that the Princess is also a fan of smoked herring – a great protein-rich dish. As I mentioned, as we grow older, were at danger of losing muscle mass – protein helps with weight loss efforts since it keeps you fuller for longer.

“Other foods that I imagine she eats regularly are salmon, whole eggs, and grass-fed beef (to name a few).

“I also believe that Princess Anne would be consuming a greater number of smaller meals and snacks throughout the day – not going any longer than three hours without eating.

“At the age of 71, it would be normal to assume that your metabolism is sluggish and starvation would only slow it down further.

“Lastly, I am certain that she drinks plenty of water. Usually, thirst can be mistaken for hunger. We all know that the Queen loves a cup of tea, so it wouldn’t surprise me if her daughter adopted the same habits. Tea is still hydration!”

Did Princess Anne lose a lot of weight when performing in the Olympics in 1976?

Charlotte continued: “Princess Anne was noticeably very slender during the 1976 Olympics and I imagine the training, preparation and specific diet plan would have aided in weight loss.

“While she would have lost a lot of weight, I believe she would have gained a lot more muscle too.

“Being a royal, I imagine for such sporting events, you’d be given a diet plan to ensure you’re consuming enough calories to counteract the amount of exercise and training.”

What other forms of exercise does Princess Anne enjoy, as well as horse riding?

Charlotte added: “As well as horse riding, I have seen that Princess Anne does enjoy country walks.

“While walking is often overlooked in terms of exercise, it actually has heaps of benefits.

“A walk a day assists you in maintaining a healthy weight whilst reducing the chances of developing heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, or diabetes.

“It’s also known to prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis by strengthening the bones.

“So, there is really no surprise that she is the epitome of health at 71!”

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