Princess Beatrice dons floral dress to attend Wimbledon

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Princess Beatrice has looked absolutely stunning lately at recent appearances such as Wimbledon and the Platinum Jubilee. Personal trainer and founder of Fitter Confident You Matt Boyles spoke exclusively to about how the royal likely shed fat without going crazy in the gym.

Matt stated: “There are some fundamental rules of health and fitness that Princess Beatrice will have needed to follow to make the progress she has made, but they’re easy and accessible for everyone.

“For fat loss, she will have created a calorie deficit and consistently stuck to it – this means she’s giving her body slightly less food than it needs over a set period.

“There are two ways to do this: burn more calories through movement (exercise!) and reduce the amount of fuel (food!) you take in.”

However, those who want to lose weight like the Princess needn’t sign up for a gym membership just yet.

Matt explained: “It’s FAR easier to reduce your food intake a small amount at each meal to create a 300-400 calorie daily reduction (which is all you need – you never have to starve yourself!) than it is to use exercise to burn off the same amount of calories.”

First and foremost, in order to lose weight, Matt suggested that looking at food consumption is the way to go – and the way that Beatrice did it too.

“Firstly, I’m confident in saying that Princess Beatrice will have reduced her portion sizes,” the expert said.

“A really simple tip for this is to save your leftovers from your food before you serve yourself.

“We’re bad at leaving food on our plates (so many of my clients have a ‘clean-plate’ mentality, where they feel compelled to finish whatever is in front of them), so as opposed to trying to save some food at the end, portion it off into containers first and put it in the fridge for tomorrow before you eat.”

As for what kind of foods the Princess ate in order to slim down, Matt claimed that protein was her friend.

He explained: “Eating more protein – especially at breakfast – is great for people looking to eat a bit less.

“This is because it’s slower to digest than other macronutrients, so you’ll feel fuller for longer and snack less too!”

He continued: “As I recommend to my clients, Princess Beatrice will almost certainly have increased her protein intake a bit.

“One of the simplest ways to do this is with a protein shake – no they’re not scary chemical supplements, they’re just a convenient, higher-protein food source!

“I have one for breakfast most days as it also gives me a steady release of energy – no 9.45am sugar crashes like when you’ve had a muffin for breakfast!”

While Matt believes that the easiest route to weight loss is via portion size and food choice rather than exercise, that doesn’t mean working out should go completely out the window.

“I always recommend doing exercise for the benefits and things you have to gain, as opposed to seeing it as a tool for fat loss,” the PT claimed.

“This approach has proven time and again with my clients to be so much more enjoyable and sustainable.

“Do exercise because it lifts your mood, makes you stronger and fitter, helps you sleep better and gives you more energy, and you will find it much easier to make it a regular habit and something you want to keep doing.”

For those hoping to tone up and get stronger, Matt recommended one key exercise in particular.

“Squats are great as they work the biggest muscles in your body – legs and bum – so have the biggest effect.

“Try five repetitions, sitting down to a chair and standing up again, and then rest.

“What’s great is you can do them before (or even during!) meetings, especially if they’re on Zoom!

“Squats are one of the foundation exercises of resistance training, so Princess Beatrice will have done them fairly regularly over the last few months, and now you can too!”

Matt Boyles is a PT and the Founder and CEO of Fitter Confident You.

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