Sting demonstrates 'perpetual crunch' exercise on TikTok

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Breasts are comprised of two types of tissue, fatty tissue and glandular tissue, both of which lie on top of the pectoral muscles. But why do breasts start to sag over time?

According to Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, one of nature’s “cruellest tricks” is the inevitable sagging of boobs.

As we get older – and our skin does too – it loses elasticity, meaning gravity has a greater effect on the tissue.

Naturally reversing this change is not possible, but keeping the pectoral muscles active and strong can help support the fatty tissue in the breasts.

This will go some way towards delaying the dreaded breast droop.

Personal trainer Hana Milly shared her top tips for “lifting and firming” the breasts.

The “intense workout” promises results in just three weeks. It has already amassed 500,000 likes on YouTube.

She recommended that women do this workout five or six days per week.

And as well as getting firmer, lifted breasts, the trainer claimed these exercises tone up the chest muscles and can make your breasts look bigger.

For the first exercise, Hana starts with legs bent slightly at the knee, with her hands placed one over the other at the knee, palms facing down.

For 20 seconds, she lifts the left hand up from around knee level to shoulder level, bringing the hand back down each time, before repeating for 20 seconds with the right hand.

For the second exercise, Hana places her arms out in front of her and then places one hand over each elbow.

For 30 seconds, she raises her arms up towards her head in this position.

For the third exercise, and for a further 30 seconds, Hana places her palms together in a prayer pose and as she moves her arms up above her head clamps her elbows together and releases.

On the way back down, she clamps them together again.

Next, Hana places the tips of her elbows together and takes it in turns to bring one elbow over the other, repeating the action for 30 seconds.

For exercise number five, Hana straightens her arms out in front of her before bending her elbows.

She places one arm over the other and moves each arm in the opposite direction in a quick sliding motion, jabbing twice, before swapping the arms over and repeating on the other side, 30 seconds total.

Finally, Hana crosses her arms over her head, curling her hands into fists.

Imagining she is catching something, she pulls down quickly before raising back to the starting position and completing the movement for 30 seconds.

Then, she repeats the whole sequence of exercises again, starting with the final exercise and ending with the first.

It is important to take breaks of a few seconds between each exercise.

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