Sleep expert explains how to achieve a healthy lifestyle

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As the weather gets warmer, sleeping naked might be the best – and easiest – way to shed those extra pounds. Personal trainer and fitness expert Ruth Stone spoke exclusively to about how this technique burns fat fast.

Ruth told “Admittedly, the premise that sleeping naked could aid in weight loss sounds flimsy at best, but the science behind it is surprisingly sound.

“This is backed by a study conducted by the US National Institute of Health that found that sleeping naked, or more specifically keeping your body cool overnight, speeds the body’s metabolism up.”

“This is due to the body’s system of creating ‘brown fat’ in a process designed to keep the body warm – it does this by passively burning calories in a process that produces around 300 times more intrinsic heat than any other organ in the human body.”

And does this calorie burning just happen overnight?

Ruth believes the benefits of nude sleeping actually extend to the next day.

“The metabolic impact lasts throughout the day, meaning you will be actively burning more calories than you would be if you had slept with external heat provisions; otherwise known as, pyjamas!”

As the weather gets warmer in the coming months, sleeping naked may become one of the latest summer weight loss trends.

And in addition to being practical due to the hotter weather, this fat burning method is as easy as it gets.

Aside from direct calorie burning, sleeping naked affects fat shedding in another clever way.

The expert continued: “Aside from this, sleeping naked increases your ‘quality of sleep’.

“Sleeping naked increases the depth and quality of sleep, which is directly linked to reducing your stress levels, a byproduct of prolonged exposure to a negative sleep pattern.

“This is due to the body’s process of removing toxic proteins from neurons being interrupted, a procedure only successfully performed by a well-rested brain.”

A bad night’s sleep – or worse, a generally poor sleep routine – can gradually cause people to put on weight without even realising.

Ruth explained: “Stress resulting from poor sleep is due to an increase in the hormone ‘cortisol’.

“Cortisol is directly linked to overeating due to its ability to impact the body’s insulin levels, leading to a drop in blood sugar which in turn causes the reaction process of craving sugar-laden foods.”

The benefits of sleeping naked are therefore twofold when it comes to weight loss.

Not only does it burn calories in order to keep the body warm, it curbs unhealthy cravings and overeating.

However, it must be noted that sleeping naked can only be an additional weight loss method – slimmers shouldn’t ditch the gym and healthy eating just yet.

Ruth concluded: “All in all, it may only be a small change to make, but sleeping naked can be a benefit to the maintenance of a functioning metabolism.”

Ruth Stone is a personal trainer at

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