Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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Health experts have advised people to get in at least 10,000 steps a day in order to burn body fat effectively, and it’s been a recommendation that’s been around for decades. But at first glance, 10,000 can look extremely daunting, with many people wondering how they can hit that figure while going about their busy lifestyles alongside work.

If a person is new to the step game, Joanna Dase, a fitness expert at Curves, has shared the little things they can do which equal big step counts and help to sneak in more steps.

For people new to walking, she recommended starting by setting a step goal that they can build up.

Joanna noted it is “important” to assess steps over three days before adding to a daily goal, as the gradual increase will allow people’s bodies to work at their own pace and not feel exhausted.

Stroll around the shops

Joanna said: “When you go shopping, you’re naturally unaware of the steps you are taking.

“The countless aisles you walk down and the time taken to go to each shop can all add up.”

She suggested using shopping as a way to increase the step count even more.

“You can take the long way round town to get to your destination, park a little further away from the shops than usual or even take a lap around the entire shop before you start shopping,” she advised.


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Take the stairs

A simple exercise that can boost weight loss by burning more calories.

Not only that, but it can help build and maintain healthy bones and joints.

“You’d be surprised how your actions become habits,” Joanna pointed out. “If you enter a shop and the escalators are in full view, you’d be more inclined to choose this option.

“However, taking the stairs will increase your step count and leg power. If there are too many flights of stairs for you to take, use the lift or escalators for halfway and walk the rest.”

Walk while you wait

In this day and age, queues are becoming longer and waiting time for places such as doctors’ surgeries, opticians, and dentists can be upwards of 10 minutes at least.

While this is frustrating to many, Joanna suggested putting that wait time to good use.

She said: “Waiting around for anything can lead to frustration, but sometimes you can’t avoid it.

“Instead of sitting in one spot and clock-watching, you can use the time to boost your fitness.

“Either go for a 10-minute walk outside or walk around the building or carpark, this will increase blood flow throughout the body and boost your mental health.”

Get off a stop early

Not only does moving more increase a person’s chances of losing weight it can also form a habit and promote heart and lung health.

“If you use public transport in your daily endeavours, hop off one stop early and walk the rest,” the health expert suggested.

“By walking at a brisk pace, you could easily increase your step count.”

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