The keto diet is becoming increasingly popular and it has many advocates online.

One such is a 69-year-old woman who lost almost nine stone following the weight loss plan.

Taking to the social media the site, the grandmother made public how she did it.

She even managed to climb Mount Fuji after losing the weight.

Keto diet: 69 year old weight loss of 8.9 stone – what did she eat?

Taking to Reddit to talk about her progress she said: “I’m 69 and keto made it possible for me to climb Mt Fuji.”

The woman detailed how she shrunk down from 18.9 stone to a much slimmer 10 stone.

Now she even fits into size 8 jeans, which she proudly showed off in a picture.

The woman wrote: “From 265 to 140 pounds. I’m 69. I’m 5’8”. Never in a million years could I have done this two years ago.

“But now after being keto since May 2018, I dropped 125 pounds and conquered a mountain.”

She enthusiastically recommended the diet to other Reddit users.

“Don’t let anyone tell you keto doesn’t work,” she wrote.

“It does. Don’t let anyone tell you your metabolism is bad and you can’t lose weight anymore. You can.

“Don’t let anyone tell you you can eat all the bacon. You can’t. CICO still matters.”

In fact, the diet has been so successful the woman is now attempting to put the weight back on.

She said: “I’m now a size 8 and too skinny. Figuring this maintenance thing out. Want to get back up to 145 lbs.”

Speaking on how she feels now, the woman wrote: “I feel very different. I am so much more energised, wanting to go places and doing things I dreamt of but knew I’d never go there or do that.

“Health wise, it’s so much better, my blood pressure is perfect, my heartburn almost completely gone, sleeping easier, I’m very pleased with the results of doing keto. It works.”

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet is a plan that advocates eating mostly fat. Up to 70 per cent of calories come from fat on the plan.

This aims to put the body into a state of ketosis, when the body burns fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

Meat, cheese, nuts and dairy are not limited on the diet. However, sugar is.

This also means pasta and bread are strictly off the menu, as are some fruits and vegetables too.

A nutritionist gave her tips on how to get the best of the keto diet. 

Nutritionist Hebe Mills said: “Be mindful of the high energy content in a number of foods recommended in the diet.

“Fat contains more calories than carbohydrate (which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest!) so it may be worth monitoring your energy intake if the purpose of the diet is for weight loss.”

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