Whether hoping to shape up for a special occasion or to improve health, many people will want to lose weight. Looking to those who have already lost weight can be a good way to get inspiration for what diet plan to use. One man slimmed down by an impressive 7st 12lb dropping from 22st 13lb to a much healthier 15st 1lb. Posting on Reddit, the user “Kaize1” explained an intermittent fasting diet plan and exercise helped him shape up.

I ate once a day and it was usually around 2000 calories.

Reddit user

In his post online, the slimmer said he is 23-years-old, 6ft 2in and the transformation took just over a year.

“Kaize1” said he slimmed down by following an intermittent fasting diet plan, where slimmers will restrict the times of day in which they eat.

Some dieters on the plan might choose to eat within an eight hour window of the day while others will eat all their daily calories in one meal.

Speaking of the diet, he said: “For a majority of the time, I ate once a day and it was usually around 2000 calories. It didn’t matter what I ate, as long as it wasn’t super junk food like sweets and such.

“I would work out in my most fasted state, and eat around 8pm every night.”

As well as changing up his diet, the slimmer added in regular exercise and would go to the gym six days a week.

“I normally stay in the gym for about an hour. I always do HIIT or weight train first, then I do some form of running/biking afterwards,” he wrote.

Other Reddit users were quick to comment on his impressive change and ask for tips on how to slim down.

One wrote: “Great work! Really inspirational.”

Another commented: “You look a lot younger now! Amazing progress.”

“Kaize1” explained he would still treat himself occasionally but that didn’t stop his progress.

He said: “There were some weeks where I plateaued and made very bad food choices, but I hopped back on the train quickly and kept pushing. It’s all about the mental fortitude and deciding what you want.”

When slimming down, some people might follow a keto diet plan, which means cutting out foods high in carbs. 

The plan is designed to help slimmers burn fat by eating foods high in fat and with a moderate protein content.

When following a high fat diet, an expert warned the importance of eating foods high in healthy fats. 

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