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Thankfully, a nutritionist has detailed the best choices and worst offenders from high street restaurants. There is even a latte that is three times the recommended daily sugar intake.

Nutritionist Tamara Willner, for NHS-backed healthy eating plan Second Nature, detailed the worst offenders and the healthiest options from a number of high street favourites including Pret, Costa, Cafe Nero and McDonald’s.



Double Berry Muffin (441kcal, 21.6g Fat, 2.5g Sat Fat, 53.4g 30.5g Sugar Carbs, 6.6g Protein)

Chocolate Shake (439kcal, 11.2g Fat, 8.3g Sat Fat, 71.5g Carbs, 60.7g Sugar, 11.2g Protein)

Tamara said: “A truly indulgent shake coming in at a whopping 439kcal and over 60g of sugar.

“Pair this alongside the double berry muffin, which contains 441 kcal per serving, it would be a combined serving of 91g sugar (over three times the recommended daily allowance).”


Tuna Nicoise Salad (455kcal, 33..6 Fat, 4.9 Sat Fat, 7.4g Carbs, 5.8g Sugar, 28g Protein, 1.6g Salt)

Peppermint Tea (0kcal, 0g Carbs 0g Sugar) or Black Americano (0kcal, 0g Carbs, 0g Sugar)

Tamara said: “This salad is a well-balanced meal containing a good source of protein and healthy fats with 455kcal per serving.

“A great lower carbohydrate option to help you feel fuller for longer. Pair this with a peppermint tea for a decaf option or opt for a Black Americano, remaining mindful of your caffeine intake.”



Carrot and walnut cake 148g slice (576kcal, 26g fat, 5g sat fat, 78g carbs, 45g sugar, 6.3g protein)

“Having a slice of cake with our coffee may not seem too indulgent (especially if it has veg in), but with Costa’s carrot and walnut cake, we are consuming 9 teaspoons of sugar in just one slice,” Tamara said.

Regular Mint Choc Chip Frostino & cream (made with whole milk) 525ml take out size (457kcal, 25g fat, 15.7g sat fat, 50g carbs, 43.2g sugar, 7.3g protein)

The expert added: “This frostino is like an indulgent dessert in a cup. It contains 43g sugar and 3/4 of our recommended saturated fat intake for the day. Remember, drinks contain energy which is where the hidden sugars are and can lead to weight gain and tooth decay.”


Pea and mint soup (240kcal, 9.6g fat, 2.8g sat fat, 21.8g carbs, 8.9g sugar, 13.6g protein)

Tamara said: “This soup is an ideal choice to get to your 5 a day and the protein will keep you satisfied as well as warm on a cold day. It’s also vegan too! If you’d like to up the protein and healthy fats, we suggest ordering a sachet of mixed nuts too.”

Jasmine tea 200ml serving (2kcal, 0.3g carbs, 0g sugar)

She added: “Choosing a tea such as jasmine for our caffeine fix is a much healthier option as it offers a subtle sweetness and is really refreshing, without the post-sugar crash.”

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Caffe Nero


Carrot Cake (541kcal, 73.7g Fat, 4.9g Sat Fat, 44.7g Sugar)

Caramelatte ( 417kcal, 23g Fat, 11.9g Sat Fat, 53.5g Carbs, 38.8g Sugar, 2.4g Protein)

Tamara said: “Although carrot cake may contain vegetables, this slice is far from healthy. Laden with refined carbohydrates, a single slice contains 1.5 times the recommended daily allowance for sugar.

“Teamed with Caramelatte, it’s a truly indulgent combination coming in at a whopping 958 calories and more than 83g of sugar, almost three times the recommended daily allowance.”


Chargrilled Chicken, Mixed Grain & Pesto Salad (265kcal, 11g Fat, 1.4g Sat Fat, 21.7g Carbs, 5.1g Sugar, 18.1g Protein, 1.4g Salt)

Black Americano (15kcal, 0.5g Fat, 1.7g Carbs, 0.9g Protein) or Herbal Tea (Nutritional info not available)

“This salad is a well-balanced meal containing a good source of protein, complex carbohydrate and fibre with 265cal per serving. Pair this with a herbal tea for a decaf option or opt for an Black Americano, remaining mindful of your caffeine intake,” Tamara said.


Note: Based intake on RIs

Worst breakfast

Pancakes & Sausage with Syrup (612kcal, 16.0g fat, 4.6g sat fat, 96.0g carbs, 41.0g sugars, protein 20.0g)

Toffee Latte Large (232kcal, 7.5g fat, 4.8g sat fat, 31.0g carbs, 29.0g sugar, 10.0g protein)

Tamara said: “While it’s a truly comforting option, this combination includes around 70g of sugar and 127g of carbohydrate which equates to roughly two thirds and half of your recommended daily intake respectively. It’s not to say that they can’t be enjoyed occasionally, although it’s recommended to make these indulgent options an occasional enjoyment as opposed to a regular part of your diet.”

Worst main

Bacon Clubhouse Double with Large Fries (1111kcal, 60.0g fat, 17.0 sat fat, 91.0g carbs, 7.4g sugars, 45.4g protein)

Large Vanilla Milkshake (469kcal, 9.0g fat, 6.3g sat fat, 82.0g carbs, 77.0g sugar, 13.0g protein)

“This burger, large fries and vanilla milkshake combination comes in at a mighty 1,580kcal and provides you with nearly all of your recommended sugar intake in just one sitting,” Tamara said.

“It’s also very high in refined carbohydrates at 173g – that’s nearly two thirds of your recommended daily intake. To be enjoyed occasionally as part of a healthy balanced diet.”


Crispy Chicken Salad (261kcal, 12.0g fat, 1.4g sat fat, 16.0g carbs, 2.9 sugar, 21.0g protein) 

“Coming in at one of the healthier options, this crispy chicken salad is full of fibre and relatively high in protein, both of which will keep you feeling fuller for longer along with being relatively low in carbohydrate compared to other options on the menu,” the expert said.

Pizza Express


Calabrese Pizza (1275kcal, 66.1g fat, 30.2g sat fat 108.7g carbs, 18.2g sugar)

Tamara said: “This pizza offering contains a whopping 150 percent intake of our saturated fat for the day, as well as almost 5tsp sugar. The carbs and the processed meat will leave you feeling sluggish after polishing this off.”

Leggera wholemeal pollo forza Pizza (578kcal, 18.6g fat, 3.6g sat fat, 60.8g carbs, 10. 3g sugar 46.8g protein)

Tamara added: “If you’re fancying a pizza, opt for one of their lighter options, such as the leggera pizza. Being made on a wholemeal base offers complex carbohydrates along with the protein from the chicken both help regulate blood sugar levels. The accompanying salad makes for a nutritious, satisfying and tasty meal without compromise and you leave feeling comfortably full.”

Nicoise Salad no dressing no dough sticks (366kcal, 21g fat, 3.6 sat fat, 5.1g carbs, 3.3g sugar, 39g protein)

“For an ultra-low carb and sugar option, this tasty, protein and veg-packed dish is perfect! A light but delicious choice for the summer months,” the expert said.



Beanie wrap + peri-salted fries and perinaise  (1271 kcal, 58.6g fat, 8.7g sat fat, 153g carbs, 26.1g sugar, 28.7g protein)

Tamara said: “The veggie wrap might seem like a healthy option because it contains beans, a healthy source of protein and fibre. In reality, it is very high in carbs and fat and relatively low in protein compared to other options.”


Grilled chicken breast with mixed side salad (552kcal, 31g fat, 8g sat fat, 11g, carbs, 8g sugar, 54g protein)

The expert said: “Opting for a tasty, high protein, low sugar choice such as chicken breast and adding a side of veggies will help you stay satisfied for much longer and ensure your body gets plenty of essential nutrients to fuel your day. You won’t even miss the wrap.”



Hot Chicken Katsu Curry (1140 kcals, 50g Protein, 135g Carbs, 13g Sugar, 46g Fat, 10g Sat Fat, 3.5 Salt)

Tamara said: “This heavier dish contains 1,140 calories per serving, as well as being high in sugar, and saturated fat. To reduce the carbohydrate content and increase the fibre, you could opt for brown rice instead. A dish to enjoy occasionally as part of a balanced diet.”


Naked Katsu Kokoro Bowl (607kcals, 43g Protein, 41g Carbs, 6g Sugar, 27g Fat, 6g Sat Fat, 2.27g Salt)

The expert said: “This dish contains 607kcals per serving with a complex carbohydrate base of brown rice providing a great source of fibre. Packed with a hefty protein serving of 43g, including edamame beans and chicken, it is sure to help you feel satisfied.”

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