Danielle Lloyd, 35, is the former Miss Great Britain who lost her title for posing in Playboy.

She is married to footballer Jamie O’Hara, and recently shed a lot of weight for their wedding.

So, how did she do it? The star revealed her weight loss diet plan.

Danielle said in the post: “It’s been a long hard 12 weeks but the results have been amazing.

Weight loss: Danielle Lloyd shed a stone and a half – what diet plan did she follow?

“I’ve worked hard in the gym with @craig_velocity and done extra session with @gint1986 who has been an amazing support.”

She revealed that he diet plan involved eating according to macros. Macros means macronutrients, which is broken down in a carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Danielle said: “I don’t like the word diet because I have still eaten lots but it’s been based on macros and been purposely tailored for my weight height and what I wanted to achieve thanks to @robert_alexander_turner

“Loosing a massive 23lb and 10cm round my waist. I’ve not only lost weight I’ve toned and feel so much healthier.

“Thanks to @thinpenuk @147fijiskinclinic couldn’t of done it without you all.” (sic)

Danielle was at a start weight of 10st 11lb before she started her journey.

Now she weighs a petite end weight of 9st 2lb.

Danielle often shows off her gruelling work outs on her social media.

She filmed her self working out her abs with a roller three weeks ago.

Danielle also posted a video doing squats and chest presses.

Another woman revealed how she lost eight stone following one simple diet plan trick. 

Diet plans explained

Diet plans for weight loss: From Atkins to Paleo.

Paleo, Durkin & Atkins, the most popular diets explained

One woman shared her weight loss on Reddit after she lost an incredible 7st 9lb in just over a year.

Eating more of one certain food can help you to kick start your diet plan. 

According to Maeve Madden, fitness influencer and author of recipe book Beat the Bloat, these foods are essential for getting washboard abs.

Maeve explained: “Eating more fibre rich foods like these can be an effective way to control weight.

“Fibre has no magical fat-burning properties but can help you to feel satisfied in much smaller quantities, keeping you feeling fuller for longer.”

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