Weight loss is not easy to achieve and some people will try to shape up by following a structured diet plan or doing a workout. Diet and exercise are important when getting in shape, but there are other things which can be added to help slimmers reach their goals. Sipping on a particular drink could be enough to boost the metabolism and help the body burn more calories. Drinking more water has shown to be enough to help dieters beat the bulge.

Weight loss: Drinking water can burn fat and boost the metabolism fast

How does it work?

Drinking just half a litre of water is enough to spike the metabolism and promote the body to burn more calories, research revealed.

Within ten minutes of drinking water, the resting energy expenditure of the body increases by up to 30 per cent.

A group of studies published on the US National Library of Medicine revealed overweight people who drank one to one and a half litres of water a day managed to shape up.

Not only did the scales go down, but those who took part in the studies had smaller waistlines, a lower body mass index and less body fat than those who did not.

What’s more, sipping on a glass of water before eating can reduce the appetite, meaning dieters are less likely to overeat.

One study revealed older adults who drank water before each meal lost 44 per cent more weight thank those who did not drink more water.

So, is there a best way to have the drink?

Having ice cold water has been shown to speed up the metabolism even more.

Some may choose to give it a hint of natural flavouring by adding some fruit into the drink.

Dieters can change up their eating habits by adding more protein into their meals.

When having foods high in protein, the body burns more calories when digesting the food compared to carbs or fats.

The food group will make slimmers feel fuller which means they are less likely to opt for unhealthy snacks.

They can also add in more exercise to shape up, and these seven moves can help slimmers tone up their legs. 

The seven moves can help tone the legs, thighs, hips and abs and should take ten minutes to complete.

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