Dr Sara explains how being cold could help with weight loss

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Weight loss can be achieved through a variety of methods. One of This Morning’s resident doctors, Sara Kayat was on hand to discuss whether taking a cold shower or submerging yourself in cold water is one way to drop a few pounds. 

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Dr Sara said: “Lots of people out there suggest getting ‘cold therapy’, so jumping into an ice bath, and that it might improve mental health, the immune system, that it may make you feel much better. 

“These studies are fairly small. 

“Having said that, with regards to weight loss, when we are cold we have to find a way to generate heat. 

“We have these powerful cells called mitochondria that live in our brown fat cells that are in our neck, collar bones and along our spine. 

“Those little powerful cells uses glucose to break it down into heat, to warm up our body,” she added. 

“So when you jump into a cold bath, they get activated and it looks like they continue to be activated for several hours after.” 

Phillip suggested: “It’s a Wim Hof Method.” 

Dr Sara continued: “The suggestion is it may be an easy way to lose weight. 

“I personally am not entirely convinced that this is the best way to think about it, I think there are other benefits to it in terms of immune system and mental health. 

“In terms of losing weight, there are nicer and kinder ways to lose weight, like going for a run, rather than dunking yourself in a bath to lose calories.” 

What is the Wim Hof Method? 

The Method is based on three pillars; breathing, cold therapy and commitment. 

In terms of the cold therapy element, there are several ways to take part; you can stand in a sealed contained for a short amount of time, while cold air circulates, this is called cryotherapy. 

Alternatively, you can enter cold open water, sit in an ice bath or take a cold shower. 

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Scientists have found evidence that exposure to cold speeds up metabolism.

Cold body therapy is also linked to improved quality of sleep, more focus and even to an improved immune response. 

The Wim Hof Method teaches people to take more control over their bodies. 

It starts with breathing exercises and meditation, and will gradually expose your body to low temperatures by taking cold showers. 

From there, the Method moves to sitting in ice baths for long periods of time. 

Cold showers are also proven to help boost recovery after exercise. 

Athletes often take ice baths after vigorous training do reduce soreness.

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