From the good of your health to achieving your fitness goals, there are a variety of reasons why a person may choose to lose weight. Of course, it’s important to ensure that this is done in a healthy, balanced way – and that your physical and mental health take priority. Nevertheless, some people will want to speed up the weight loss results they may be aiming for. And, according to some studies, it may be that drinking apple cider vinegar each day could do just that.

Apple cider vinegar may aid weight loss results

A study saw 175 people with obesity consume the drink each day, over the space of three months.

The effects led to reduced belly fat and weight loss, with those who drank one tablespoon daily losing an average of 2.6 pounds.

These weight loss results increased to an average loss of 3.7 pounds, for those who drank two tablespoons.

However, with the research itself spanning three months, it should be pointed out that these results seem to be rather modest.

Other research suggests that apple cider vinegar may increase satiety.

But, just how should you drink the bitter drink?

Apple cider vinegar recipes

In order to see weight loss results, it’s recommended that you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

And, having two tablespoons per day, with one tablespoon per serving, may see you lose more weight than those who haven’t consumed the drink, in three months time.

The time that you have the ACV doesn’t appear to matter, but it may be that you choose to have one dose of the drink at a regular mealtime – such as breakfast.


The simplest method to drink apple cider vinegar is by stirring a tablespoon of the drink into a glass of water.

Lemon juice

If you want to add a citrus twist to the rather bitter drink, repeat the water and ACV comb nation, then stir in a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

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Likewise, a dollop of honey will bring a sweeter taste to the water and ACV mix – but this will increase the drink’s overall sugar content.


If you’re having a smoothie to start your morning, then adding a tablespoon of ACV to the blend isn’t unheard of.

Another weight loss method is the keto diet.

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