A healthy breakfast comes in all shapes and sizes.

However, there is one drink experts have suggested drinking before breakfast to kick start fat burning.

The certain drinks has been said to keep cravings at a minimum and reduce insulin levels – boosting fat burning capabilities.

Experts have recommended putting sliced grapefruit into warm water as an early morning drink.

Weight loss: Breakfast drink will help burn fat when added to your diet plan

Grapefruit has a whole host of nutritional benefits, experts have claimed.

It can cleanse the body, and studies have found it to help with fat burning.

Nutritionist Rick Hay told Marie Claire: “Grapefruit or lemon in warm water is good before breakfast to help cleanse and kick-start the lymphatic system.”

Another expert Christine Bailey added: “Grapefruits are rich in water and soluble fibre – they can fill you up and curb hunger pangs.

“They can also help reduce insulin levels helping to prevent fat from being stored in the body.”

The fat burning properties of the citrus fruit were found in a study by the University of California.

Published in Plos One, the research showed mice put on the same high-fat diet gained far less weight if they drank grapefruit juice rather than water.

The mice who drank the grapefruit juice also had better levels of blood sugar and insulin.

On the other hand, a certain breakfast food should be avoided for those on a weight loss diet plan.

According to experts, fruit juice like orange juice contains high amounts of sugar not conducive to dieting.

Registered dietitian Isabel Smith shared some top tips for tasty alternatives.

She told Business Insider: “Choose a freshly squeezed juice, cold-pressed juice or high-pressure-pasteurized fruit and vegetable juice that contains more nutrients and less sugar.”

The keto diet is a hugely popular plan followed by many. 

What is it and what exactly do you eat when following it?

The macros for the keto diet are typically 60 to 75 per cent fat, 15 to 30 per cent protein and five to 10 per cent carbs.

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