Michael Mosley explains timed restricted eating

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Cosmin Cernica is a content creator and a luxury fashion designer. Based in London and Dubai, his job takes him to regular parties, events, and glamorous occasions that often involve a lot of booze and rich foods.

In 2020, Cosmin realised his lifestyle was taking a toll on his mental health as it affected his weight which, consequently, affected his perception of himself.

He said: “I have always loved being involved with all things luxurious. I have worked with lots of different elite brands which introduced me to a different way of living.

“I started to eat more and drink more, which of course isn’t always a bad thing, but it led me down a new path I had never experienced before.”

The 28-year-old explained that “it got to the point where I was having glasses of Champagne for breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

He continued: “Then I would go to different events and red carpets, which resulted in more glasses of Champagne.

“It felt like I was having Champagne more than I was having water.

“My body must have been half made of Champagne by this point.”

In January 2021, Cosmin decided something had to changed. He said: “With all the fun that came from that sort of lifestyle, I wanted to stop.

“I struggled with my weight enough and I thought it was definitely not helping.

“I chose to do one month on and one month off drinking, so, I started this in January 2021.”

A year later, Cosmin has seen “the huge difference it has made” to his body and his mind.

“My body doesn’t feel grim from the overload,” he explained.

Cosmin replaced alcohol with plenty of water and started to drink green tea in the mornings, which “makes me feel rejuvenated for the day”.

Within just one month of avoiding alcohol, the fashion designer lost an impressive 20 pounds, or a stone and a half.

“I couldn’t quite believe the scales,” he said.

“Everyone around me told me they had noticed the difference in me and it was absolutely bizarre I had lost that much weight just from cutting out alcohol.”

Today, Cosmin continues to drink no alcohol whatsoever every other month.

“I make alcohol a treat, not a routine,” he said.

The 28-year-old also ensures to eat a balanced diet and replaces “one meal with a juice – it’s different fruits and vegetables all mixed together”.

“I don’t do anything that is too drastic, I just have balance,” he said.

“I would allow myself a treat once a week, like some cake or chocolate.”

As for exercise, Cosmin does “disco spin class” two to three times a week with a few friends.

He added: “It’s super intense but fun at the same time.”

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