Dr Michael Mosley explains the health benefits of press ups

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Lockdown is well and truly behind us. But Covid is unfortunately still a very real aspect of our daily lives. Dr Michael Mosley shared how we can lose weight post-lockdown, and why this is especially important for those who are obese.

Dr Michael told This Morning that “obesity roughly doubles the chance of complications” when a person contracts coronavirus.

Obesity often goes hand in hand with other things, such as type 2 diabetes and raised blood pressure, which “also contribute to your risk”.

He warned: “With obesity, one of the things is it reduces your lung capacity.”

This means that those “significantly overweight” struggle in intensive care should they have a bad case of the virus.

While the Covid vaccine had not been rolled out in August 2020 when the interview took place, Dr Michael predicted that when vaccinations did begin, obese people would not benefit as much from it.

In a study which saw people vaccinated against the flu, vaccination failure rates were at 10 percent, as opposed to five percent for healthy people.

Dr Mosley recommends that losing excess weight can stand you in good stead to combat coronavirus should you contract it.

This can be done through adopting a new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.

Many people never returned to the office after lockdown and continue to work from home.

If people are not careful, this could lead to a sedentary lifestyle where people are constantly sitting at desks and rarely moving, only getting up to fetch a snack from the kitchen.

Dr Michael proposed a “rapid” weight loss method to get back on track.

He coined his programme The Fast 800, which saw people stick to 800 calories per day.

According to studies concerning quick weight loss methods, “it was the people who lost the weight faster that were more likely to keep it off”.

He explained that it could even reverse type 2 diabetes.

Physician Roy Taylor confirmed that rapid weight loss was a good method to try during Covid times “because it will bring your blood sugars back to normal really fast and it will reduce your risk from the virus significantly”.

Within the 800 calorie diet, Dr Michael recommended switching from white to brown rice and having a more Mediterranean approach to diet.

He also made a revelation about exercise.

“You lose about five percent of your muscle mass every decade if you don’t use it from the age of 30.”

Dr Michael and his GP wife Claire swear by press-ups.

This is definitely something everyone can incorporate into their daily routine, as well as “walking” and “running”, which Dr Mosley maintained were fundamental.

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