A quick search online will bring up plenty of weight loss diet plans. Looking to those who have already lost weight can be a great way to find the best plan.

Caroline Angus has struggled with her weight since she was young.

She grew up with a big appetite that continued into her adult life, causing the pounds to pile on.

The dieter explained: “From an early age I remember my weight being a thing.

“I would hide food in my room and when it came to dinner time I would instinctively eat everything on my plate.

“I began to form this unhealthy relationship with food that followed me into adulthood.”

Caroline knew her diet was unhealthy but could not find the motivation to transform her life until she saw an unflattering picture.

She continued: “I hadn’t quite realised the size I’d got to until I saw a photo taken during a family day out to Madame Tussauds.”

On an average day, the slimmer would fill up on three slices of buttered toast followed by a bacon or sausage sandwich and muffin.

Lunch would consist of a large serving of pasta, shepherds pie or a roast and she would have pie and chips or pizza for dinner.

Deciding that enough was enough, Caroline soon signed up for her local slimming group.

She attended meetings by LighterLife, a weight loss company that offers low-calorie meal alternatives to those hoping to slim down.

While following the programme, Caroline claimed her body entered into ketosis, which is thought of as a fat-burning state.

She said: “In my first week I lost an impressive eight pounds. For someone that always felt hungry on a diet, it was surreal to not feel those pangs on LighterLife.

“Once your body reaches ketosis you no longer crave carbs and the hunger just disappears.”

The dieter swapped high carb meals for low calorie dishes from LighterLife.

Previously weighing in at 17st 9lb, Caroline slimmed down to 12st 9lb in just five months.

As well as dropping five stone, she had dropped from a size 24 dress to a comfortable size 16.

She added: “Most of my life all I’ve wanted is to feel normal, to be able to shop in high street stores and cross my legs without struggling.

“After just five months on LighterLife, I’m delighted to say I finally feel normal!

“I’m so much more confident in myself and definitely stand taller now. I can’t quite believe I’ve gone from a dress size 24 to a 16!”

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