A Reddit user named Ben Pamment took to the social media platform to reveal his incredible weight loss.

The dieter in unrecognisable after going through an amazing transformation.

Ben lost almost 12 stone after deciding to overhaul his lifestyle just nine months ago.

In total he lost 11.9 stone – or 76 kilograms.

Weight loss diet plan: Man reveals how he lost 12 STONE in just nine months

Initially, Ben weighed a rather heavy 22.3 stone.

However, he is now an astonishingly slender 10.5 stone.

How did he manage this incredible feat of super fast weight loss?

He revealed he has a very simple approach to getting his new look.

Ben said he had “a really good cardio route set up and had (his) diet perfectly balanced.”

The dieter focused on exercise to achieve his weight loss, doing a mixture of different types of work out.

He said: “I do cardio mixed with weights five days a week and I have done that for the last nine months.

“I keep a great balance so that I’m 100 per cent every day and don’t fatigue so I miss sessions.

“It’s just a special combination of cardio and weights that burn a lot of calories over a quick period of time!”

The 23-year-old, who is 5’11”, has an injured knee but didn’t let that stop him.

Adjusting his exercise appropriately Ben revealed he does “a lot of aqua jogging, biking and cross trainer is my favourite.

“Keeps the knee mostly stationary and has no impact.”

He also revealed the details of a ’30 minute cardio blast’ which he does four to five days a week.

Ben’s 30 minute cardio blast

Round one

Two minutes bike, two minutes cross trainer, two minutes bike, two minutes walking on treadmill, two minutes star jumps.

1 minute break

Round two

Three minutes bike, three minutes cross trainer, three minutes power walk on treadmill, one minute star jumps

2 minute break

Round three

Three minutes power walking, three minutes bike, four minutes pushing yourself hard on cross trainer

= 30 minutes

Diet plans explained

Diet plans for weight loss: From Atkins to Paleo.

Paleo, Durkin & Atkins, the most popular diets explained

Another Reddit dieter lost four stone following a certain diet plan.

The fitness fan revealed he had shakes or a McDonald’s breakfast muffin for breakfast.

The fast food heavy menu might surprise many.

For lunch he ate the Taco Bell Power Menu Bowl or two McDoubles from McDonalds, while for dinner would be spinach and chicken.

He said “This should end my day around 1500-1600 calories and then my whey protein shake after the gym puts me right at 1620-1720 to finish the day.”

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