Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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After Covid hit, many people suffering with their weight found that support groups for weight management weren’t running as regularly. This is what happened to Clare Barklam, but she has managed to change her life for the better without the help of her GP referral.

37-year-old Clare said herself she was a yo-yo dieter, and after years of trying everything including slimming clubs to lose weight, she found herself on the list for a gastric bypass.

But if she reaches her goal weight and can maintain it, she’ll be removed – and that’s her plan.

Weighing in at 18st 6lbs in June 2021, Clare has lost a whopping 7st.

But how did she do it?

With no luck losing weight elsewhere, Clare rejoined WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

Now she weighs 11st 8 1/2lbs and is much happier.

WW offer regular weigh-ins and it was something Clare realised worked a lot better for her in the sense it held her accountable each week.

If she was “having a wobble”, the WW workshops really helped her to keep focus.

Their specially laid out diet plan helped her keep to what the experts at the hospital had suggested to eat.

This included consuming more protein and avoiding processed carbs/fruit sugars, as recommended.

After years of dieting and not knowing the difference between which foods would help her slim, she was finally guided towards making better choices with her food.

Working alongside her coach Geraldine Wilde, Clare’s hard work and determination meant the weight fell off.

Her new diet has been especially important to her because of her busy lifestyle as a mum of two.

Clare has two children aged 10 and age 13, who suffer with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis type 1.

It is linked to autism and ADHD and their diet’s are quite restrictive.

This meant it was important for Clare to fit her meals in with them, so they can enjoy dinner together.

While she used to reach for food for comfort when life got stressful, she now knows how to make healthier choices and is able to physically do much more than before.

She has joined the gym and said she can do much more more with the children than before.

As an amateur wrestler, losing weight meant she is quicker: “I’ve also built my muscles a bit and got stronger,” she beamed.

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