When it comes to losing weight, a quick search online will bring up a number of plans promising to whip slimmers into shape. Diet plans can be a great way to kick start the journey but there are other things which can speed up the process. In fact, sipping on a simple drink could be enough to help dieters burn more calories and start to burn fat quickly. Simply adding more water into the diet has been shown to help slimmers beat the bulge.

Weight loss diet: Drinking water can help healthy slimming and burn belly fat fast

How does it work?

Drinking more water may seem simple, but a number of studies have shown how it can be an important tool in burning fat.

Sipping on just half a litre of water can increase how many calories the body burns for at least an hour, which will boost weight loss results.

According to one study published in the US National Library of Medicine, a group of people who had a normal starting weight were asked to drink 500ml of water.

Almost instantly the results were noted and their resting energy expenditure increased by up to 30 per cent within just ten minutes, with the spike lasting for roughly one hour.

For those hoping to burn fat quickly, some studies have shown a direct relation between drinking water and burning fat.

Another two studies proved drinking half a litre of water resulted in a weight loss of roughly 4.4lb of fat over the period of a year.

A collection of studies monitoring overweight people noticed results when they drank up to one and a half litres of water every day for a few weeks.

They noticed a large reduction in the weight, waist circumference and body fat percentage.

When drinking water, slimmers might want to flavour this by adding natural fruit into the drink.

Although there is no time which is necessarily best to drink water, ensuring it is ice cold has been proven to boost the calorie burning properties even more.

Cutting back on sugar can help slimmers lose weight and slim down by up to 10lb in six months. 

Ditching any cream which is added to coffee can also reduce a slimmers overall calorie intake and help them lose weight.

Following a diet plan is a great way for many people to keep their weight in check, and intermittent fasting can give good results. 

A popular take on the plan is the 16:8 method, which requires slimmers to eat all their meals within an eight hour window each day, and fast for the remaining time.

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