This Morning: Dr Mark discusses weight loss device

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Have you been dieting but not seeing the results you expected or wanted? Normal age-related changes to your body may be sabotaging your efforts. It is fact that as you get older, it can be more difficult to lose weight; metabolism decreases, hormones change, muscle loss increases and for those who have retired, a more sedentary lifestyle is being led. However, Maria Fox from Staffordshire lost nearly four stone in just seven months thanks to a lifestyle overhaul. She spoke to about the changes she made to shift the weight and how she is now “in the best shape of my life”.

Maria, who is now 51-years-old, works as a senior leader in policing. 

Prior to her weight loss, she weighed 14.4 stone and had a BMI of 30.5. 

Last October, she was signed off sick from work with chronic fatigue, burnout and acute perimenopausal stress.

It was then when she turned Lumen, a handheld, portable device and app that measures your metabolism in real-time. 

Within seven months, she had lost nearly four stone, now weighing in at 10.7 stone, so how exactly did she do it and how did Lumen help? 

“I purchased a Lumen because I knew I needed to do something to turn my health around,” Maria explained having suffered a blood clot and exhibited serious symptoms of Supraventricular Tachycardia (a type of abnormal heart rhythm).

“Lumen soon began to help me navigate towards a better path for my overall health – nutrition, sleep, activity levels and stress management – as I began to absorb all of the tools within the app and apply the daily nutrition plan to my life.”

Two months into her journey she had lost 16 pounds and as the weeks went by she said the weight kept falling off.

Maria continued to follow her daily Lumen nutritional plan and began to fine-tune her exercise routine. 

In a bid to get fitter and stronger, she started doing three strength training sessions per week alongside cycling. 

She also ensured she was having plenty of sleep and used meditation to manage her stress levels.

Today, she weighs a healthy 10.7 stone and has a new size 10 wardrobe to match.

“I am now 68kg, which was beyond any of my dreams, with a BMI of around 22.8 and all of my acute physical and mental symptoms have disappeared,” Maria remarked. 

“So much so the cardiologist discharged me back to the local doctor, credited my health recovery to my change in lifestyle and nutrition, and said the interventions planned were no longer necessary.”

Maria’s metabolic flexibility has also dramatically improved. 

She has gone from a Lumen flex score of eight (low/medium flexibility) to a 20, which represents the highest metabolic flexibility. 

Metabolic Flexibility is the ability of the human body to switch back and forth between fat and carbohydrates based on their availability, using the Lumen device users can train their bodies to become more metabolically flexible. 

The more metabolically flexible you become the easier it will be to lose weight, maintain weight loss, increase muscle mass and energy levels and sleep better and this goes hand in hand with being healthier and feeling healthier.  

“I have already influenced so many others to invest in Lumen because it works,” Maria said. 

“It has reversed serious health challenges and helped me to be the healthiest I could possibly be before I reached my 51st birthday in September.”

After embarking on this journey to a better lifestyle, Maria reignited her passion for fitness and has resumed her role as a self employed indoor cycling and fitness instructor alongside working in the police service.

About Lumen

Lumen, is the world’s first handheld, portable device and app that measures your metabolism in real-time with just your breath, giving an unprecedented insight into how efficiently users bodies are optimising fats and carbs for fuel. 

Lumen works by measuring your body’s carbon dioxide concentration by breathing into a handheld Lumen device, from here Lumen provides you with personalised suggestions on when and what to eat to fuel your workout, based on your metabolism in order to improve your metabolic flexibility (ability of the human body to switch back and forth between fat and carbohydrates based on their availability).

Lumen’s mission is to create a world where every person has access to personalised nutrition and is empowered to improve their health through the world’s most cutting edge technology in the field.

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