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With so many people determined to shift a few lockdown pounds, it can be hard finding a programme that is easy to follow. To drop a whopping five dress sizes, Vicky decided to ditch the booze and focus on exercise with the help of Les Mills on Demand. And with a variety of workouts, nutritional advice and expert support, Vicky changed her life in 18 months.

Public Health England (PHE) surveyed 5,000 people recently and revealed the coronavirus lockdowns and disrupted daily routines have made it challenging for people to eat healthily and keep fit.
So much so, 40 percent of adults in England have gained weight during the pandemic, with the average gain being half a stone which is equivalent to just over 3kg.
Vicky Burton, aged 45, was one of those who found herself turning to food and alcohol as a way of comforting herself during the pandemic.
But, the busy mum-of-three suddenly became very aware of how much she had started drinking and decided to change.

Over this last year and a half, she has lost an incredible five stone, going from being a size 22 to a size 12.
How did she do it? Vicky quit alcohol and took up exercise.
Having suffered from anxiety and depression and needing to take medication to manage it, when the first lockdown happened, Vicky found herself drinking two or three bottles of wine on a Saturday evening to herself.
It was at this moment she realised she needed to do something about her health and fitness regime and decided to stop drinking and take up exercise.

She had partaken in Les Mills classes years ago, but with the gym’s closed, she discovered their online platform Les Mills On Demand.

From there, she then discovered their online community as well as the at-home classes that kept her focused.
Speaking about her life transformation, Vicky said: “One evening when drinking on my own, again, my daughter – 10-years-old at the time – turned to me when filling up my glass (which in itself makes me feel sick when I look back) and said one day you’ll be filling my glass for me!

“That was the last night I drank – 13th June 2020 and on the Monday I started working out with Les Mills On Demand.”

Vicky averaged one and a half pounds of weight loss per week and she “stayed on that process the whole way through”. 

Vicky is still on her weight loss journey and one benefit of dropping weight has been her medication does has been lowered.

She also explained the biggest differences she has seen in herself: “More energy, positivity, mood massively increased.
“Even my relationship with children has improved – I don’t bite as much or argue with them.”
Vicky also described herself as being “happy and confident”.
“Things like photographs, I’d always used to hide behind the kids, now I’m proud to be stood next to them,” she added.

She is still alcohol free, but Vicky explained she doesn’t restrict herself: “If I want a glass of wine I’ll have one. But otherwise I’m not fussed.

“I had one drink on Christmas day but I didn’t even enjoy it.”
There are many reasons for reducing one’s alcohol consumption; a better night’s sleep, brighter skin, more time and energy.
Cutting down on alcohol can also reduce the risk of seven types of cancer, as well as reducing risk of liver or heart disease.
As for exercise, Les Mills’ offers a variety of workouts from fitness classes, to high-intensity interval training and fun, physical activity for the children too!

Vicky focused on resistance training and took part in a variety of challenges.

“I work best with programmes – I like something to stick to,” Vicky revealed. “The programmes that Les Mills created are the reason for my success.
“I wouldn’t be where I was without Les Mills – I’ve even made great friends.”
Vicky also attributes the Facebook support group she set up: “There is someone to give you support, encouragement and motivation as well as the kick up the bum you need!” has advice and support on how to reduce alcohol consumption. 

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