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When trying to slim down, a weight loss diet plan can help kick start the journey. One woman has shown off her toned frame after dropping nearly two stone.

Jean McNamara had noticed the weight pile on over the years but struggled to find motivation to change.

However, she knew it was time to change her lifestyle when she learned of a family history of heart problems.

The slimmer started to suffer with heartburn and heart palpitations and wanted to get as healthy as possible.

Tipping to scales at 11st 3lb, Jean made a bid to get in the best shape of her life.

She wanted to get as fit as possible for the sake of her health as well as for how she looked.

Jean signed up for her local gym and started training regularly.

But when she noticed her motivation start to slip, a friend recommended she tried F45.

The dieter soon put herself forward for the eight week challenge programme, which focuses on helping slimmers lose weight.

Those who follow the plan combine a low-carb diet plan with regular high intensity exercise classes.

The F45 website described the plan, stating: “The F45 challenge is a nutrition and training programme focused on holistic well-being.

“The combination of F45’s style of training and the challenge meal plans is designed to help members transform their lives.”

Those who sign up to the plan can pick from a number of approved meal recipes.

The dieter started to train five times a week and gave her diet an overhaul.

Although the plan had its challenges, Jean stuck to the programme and soon noticed the pounds fall off.

Her weight dropped from 11st 3lbs to a healthy 9st 6lbs.

The transformation also helped her go down two dress sizes to a healthy size 10.

Not only did Jean notice the number of the scales go down, she explained she felt healthy all round.

Friends and family were quick to comment on her transformation and praise Jean for her dedication.

The dieter enjoyed the plan so much she has now completed the challenge three times.

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