This time of year, thousands are looking to lose weight; with nearly two years of the pandemic and Christmas just gone, many people have been left with a few extra pounds. National Obesity Awareness Week is from January 10 to 16 and The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan is on a mission to improve to nation’s health. In a bid to inspire others, they have revealed their shortlist for The 1:1 Diet’s Slimmer Awards and Becky White is named, having lost an incredible six stone in eight months. 

Becky, 40, said: “I always felt exhausted and suffered from constant backache – I knew this was because of my weight. 

“My parents frequently commented on my size as they were worried about my health, especially due to the increased risk with COVID-19.

“My kids were embarrassed by me. They didn’t say it, but I could tell – especially when my son asked me to drop him ‘near’ school, not ‘at’ school!

“I also didn’t feel attractive enough for my partner. I was scared he would leave me, even though he was adamant he wouldn’t.”

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With all of these factors weighing down on Becky, she was introduced to The 1:1 Diet after a colleague started looking slimmer after being on plan.

She continued to explain: “I went home that day and immediately searched for the diet and found my lovely consultant, Carla Grady. 

“I started on the plan in November 2020 and found it fitted into my lifestyle perfectly.

“I found the plan so easy to follow because I didn’t have to think about weighing, measuring, or even counting calories. 

“Because we were in lockdown, I couldn’t go out drinking or eating, so this definitely helped.”

The first milestone came during Christmas 2020, with Becky losing two stone by her birthday on January 1.

“I felt amazing on my birthday and was able to celebrate knowing I looked amazing,” she remarked. 

“I have gained so much confidence and energy. 

“I feel sexier and more stylish as I can now shop in all high street stores and try out new fashions.

“I hated shopping before because I knew nothing nice would fit, but now I love it and I also finally have a pair of knee-high brown boots that fit around my calf,” Becky exclaimed. 

Becky has transformed her life, going from 17st 9lb to 11st 9lb dropping an astounding five dress sizes.

“The weight loss has given me a new lust for life, my chronic pains have eased, and I now enjoy walking and swimming, which I never used to be able to do,” she added. 

Inspired by her own journey, Becky is now a 1:1 Diet consultant herself – supporting others throughout their weight loss journey.

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What is The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan? 

The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan’s meal replacement programme (MRP) uses formula food soups, shakes, bars and other foods to replace conventional foods, thus giving a lower dietary energy intake than on a conventional reducing diet. 

The 1:1 Diet MRPs are nutritionally balanced, providing all protein, essential fat, vitamins and minerals needed.

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