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Lyn, 57, had hip replacement surgery and was unable to move as much as she was used to for a while. Her eating habits also changed and she turned to food for comfort.

When she started finding the rehabilitation exercises too difficult and saw she needed to go up a dress size, she realised something needed to change.

Lyn then joined Slimming World and began following Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan, where she enjoyed filling up on meals like chicken, pasta and risotto dishes and her family could enjoy the same meals too.

The slimmer also got the support she needed to start her weight loss journey from her consultant and the other members of the group.

She explained: “I just love my group. Everyone is so friendly and it’s great to hear different ideas, to get to know everyone and give and receive support and encouragement each week. We have such a giggle too – I wouldn’t be without them, especially through really tricky times.”

Working on a farm Lyn’s lifestyle was naturally active, but at her highest weight, she noticed that day-to-day things like climbing the hills of the farm were getting more difficult.

With the new diet, where she had “no restrictions”, she managed to lose two stone and noticed she was finding her job easier straight away.

Lyn also joined Slimming World’s Body Magic physical activity programme, which motivated her to keep exercising on a daily basis.

The slimmer stayed active, aimed for 27,000 steps a day and got her Gold Body Magic award.

After reaching her weight loss goal, Lyn changed jobs and now works at a hotel, where she still has a very highly active routine.

She explained: “People at work are surprised of how quick and strong I am. Since my weight loss, I have so much more energy, in fact, I’m often told to slow down by people now.”

Lyn has two grandchildren and is delighted that she can now play with them and has the energy to run around after them for hours.

Slimming World provides people with a “healthy no-hunger plan” and claims slimmers will “never feel hungry” while following the diet.

They explained: “The delicious eating plan, Food Optimising, has been expertly designed to be flexible, fuss-free and to work for all dietary requirements and preferences.

“It’s healthy, satisfying food that you can eat in unlimited amounts.”

Some of the foods that slimmers can eat “until they feel satisfied” with no weighing, “no measuring and no limits”, as long as they’re cooked without fat or oil, include pasta, rice and potatoes.

Food included in the Food Optimising plan:

lean meat and poultry



dried pasta





some fat-free dairy products

some meat replacements (like plain Quorn and tofu)

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