Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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As the weather’s getting nicer, people are taking to the outdoors to get their exercise fix and lap up some vitamin D. But for those who are wondering what they can do away from the gym, former celebrity personal trainer and WithU fitness coach Faisal Abdalla, revealed the best cardio exercises that don’t require any equipment.

A good old-fashioned run

Running is one of the most popular cardiovascular exercises that can be done outside the confines of a gym.

But this exercise is so much more than just slipping on running trainers and going for a leisurely jog.

Faisal recommended people to mix up their running routines, but adding in some shuttle runs after a 5K, opt for timed runs (five minutes fast jog followed by five minutes rest, repeat five to six times) rather than going for a set distance or incorporate a run into al fresco circuit training.


Taking a dip is a “brilliant” all over body exercise and can significantly enhance cardiovascular fitness.

With the weather improving too, it won’t be long until people can swap the swimming pool for some freshwater swimming.

Faisal revealed the colder water temperature can “encourage blood flow and aid recovery”.


While yoga is widely considered a low-intensity exercise, many people don’t appreciate the cardiovascular value this exercise has.

“The great thing about yoga is that you can practice it almost anywhere,” Faisal said.

“It’s the perfect exercise for when the sun’s out and you fancy catching some rays.”


Most boxing surely takes place in a gym but shadow boxing is becoming increasingly popular.

Variations of the sport such as boxercise have come to prominence in recent years, and it can be a great addition to a workout.

“If you are a beginner to the sport, the WithU app has a wide range of boxing workouts for beginners where coaches will guide you through your workout wherever the location,” Faial suggested.

“No need for the gloves or a boxing ring.”


Away from the school playground, skipping has a place in a cardiovascular workout and has significant health benefits.

Structure a skipping workout into timed reps or try to squeeze in a set number of skips into a certain timeframe to increase the intensity.

Similarly with yoga, skipping can be done virtually anywhere and all you need is a rope.

Taking the stairs

A simple activity, yet not one many people think about doing.

Neglecting the lift or escalator and opting to take the stairs may seem arduous, but it can actually prove to be a great cardiovascular workout.

“If you’re looking to up the intensity, pick a staircase and in similar fashion to a shuttle run, run up and down the stairway multiple times and repeat in sets,” the PT advised.

“Just be sure to watch your footing, though.”

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