Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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With hectic lifestyles putting pressure on many people to fit in daily exercise, sometimes a short burst of a certain activity can be the most effective. Experts have analysed data and found there are things a person can be doing in order to shed more weight in half an hour.

If 30 minutes on a lunch break is all someone can squeeze into their day, experts at Breaking Muscle have compiled a list of calorie-killer’s people must try out.

“In the modern world and its fast-paced culture, it is difficult to find the time for your exercise regime,” a spokesperson for the brand said.

“A huge benefit of these exercises is the number of calories burnt; however, they provide many other health benefits such as improving strength, mental wellbeing and overall happiness.

“There is an exercise out there for everyone and it is exciting to find your perfect fit – or a variety of workouts.”

Their in-depth research has demonstrated there are lots of exercises people can be doing in order to shed weight fast.


Perhaps the most favoured cardio exercise of them all, it’s easy and free to do.

Also, running at a 12 minute per mile pace for 30 minutes burns 365 calories for males and 222 calories for females.

“This exercise tones your body and works muscles including quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes,” experts at the brand said.

Boot camps

Another popular choice for people looking to put their bodies to the test is a boot camp.

These fun activity trips can consist of various exercises and dance moves.

Breaking Muscle found that males burn 357 calories in this and females burn 220 calories.

Experts said: “A boot camp is not only a cardio workout but also strength training as you train almost all muscle groups in a short burst of work.

“The muscles that are targeted in this form of exercise are the back, pectoral, leg, arm and core.”

Traditional strength training

Many people may not think it, but resistance training is also a huge calorie burner.

While slimmers may opt for cardio workouts when wanting to shed the weight, research has found strength training is effective in a different manner.

With a three-minute rest between sets, these types of workouts resulted in 217 calories burnt for men and 137 calories for women.

This is an ideal exercise for anybody wanting to target one specific muscle.

Strength training isolates muscles and works them using heavy weights or machines.

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