This year you’ve probably been cooking at home more than ever which is why making sure you have the best kitchen appliances for your lifestyle is so important. For those who live in smaller spaces it can be hard to choose appliances that are functional and easy to store, but Dash sells a toaster oven that ensures both.

Dash Mini Toaster Oven
Available in four colors, the mini toaster oven is small and features a retro look. You can choose between light pink, yellow, red, and baby blue, depending on which best fits your home decor or personality.
The appliance is just $35 typically but the pink color is currently on sale for $30 via Amazon Prime, so you can get it to your home within two days flat. Reviews gave the toaster oven an average rating of 4.3 stars out of five, making it yet another highly rated product by Dash along with their mini waffle iron and mini pie maker.
Besides simply toasting bread or bagels, toaster ovens are a great item to use for baking, making pizzas, or heating up leftovers. Due to its size, this Dash piece is ideal for picky eaters or people that live alone and may only want to prepare a small portion of food at a given time.
Each oven comes with an auto shut off feature that will prevent it from overheating and are exceptionally easy to clean because the baking tray, oven rack, and crumb tray are all removable and totally dishwasher safe. Your grilled cheeses, mini desserts, and leftovers will never be the same.

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