Here’s the BEST Corned Beef and Cabbage for your St. Patrick’s Day Party! We give you 2-ways to make it—boiled in spiced water the traditional way or baked with cloves and sweet hot honey mustard. Either way is delicious.

Once a year, come mid-March, we Americans enjoy the best excuse ever to make corned beef and cabbage: St. Patrick’s Day!

Never mind that the dish isn’t really eaten in Ireland, or at least not with the enthusiasm for it that you’ll find here. We’ll celebrate the day the way we like, and raise a toast with a pint of Guinness as well.

Boiled or Baked Corned Beef?

The traditional way to cook corned beef and cabbage is to boil it, both the beef and the cabbage.

Several years ago my friend Suzanne introduced me to her favorite way of making the corned beef—speckled with cloves, slathered in honey mustard and baked — not boiled — and then served alongside sautéed cabbage.

One day we cooked corned beef and cabbage both ways, boiled and baked. The winner?

The whole family agreed, baked corned beef, hands down.

But traditions die hard. So, here we present to you both versions, a corned beef and cabbage in the oven with honey and mustard (blanched first to extract some of the excess salt), and a boiled version. Also we show two ways to cook the cabbage, boiled or sautéed.

Which Corned Beef to Buy

By the way, when buying corned beef you have a choice between “flat cut” and “point cut.” Either cut will work with these methods.

The point cut will have more fat marbling throughout the meat, making it a more flavorful cut, but there will be more shrinkage due to fat rendering out of the meat, so you will need more to have the same amount of cooked meat. The flat cut is a leaner cut of corned beef.

  • Want to make your own? Here’s how to cure your own corned beef.

Enjoy and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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