for 2 persons, 10min prep time, 40 min cook time


  1. 270 g pork loin
  2. 1 tbl spoon miso paste, or 2 tbl spoon BBQ sauce
  3. 1 cup Pepsi (not Coke)
  4. to taste black pepper
  5. 1 clove garlic
  6. 2 small red onions
  7. chilli powder (optional)


  1. Marinate pork with miso paste, BBQ sauce and black pepper

  2. Pre heat shallow pan, add olive oil, slightly smoking, add olive oil, chopped garlic and sliced onions, fry to fragrant for 1 minute

  3. Add pork, sear both sides, 1 min

  4. Lay pork into pressure cooker, cover with onions, garlic, pour in the Pepsi, cook 30mins

  5. Remove pork, shredd and set aside. Take the liquid from pressure cooker, pour into shallow pan, heat to boil, reduce as required, turn off heat, add 2 tspoon cornstarch to thicken

  6. Pour thick sauce on shredded pork and mix thoroughly before serving

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