1. Baking soda
  2. Cocaine
  3. Water
  4. Pot
  5. Stove
  6. Spoon
  7. Bags
  8. Scale
  9. Fienes
  10. Money
  11. Cars
  12. Clothes
  13. Hoes
  14. Pipe
  15. Phone


  1. Turn stove on

  2. Put pot on stove

  3. Put water in pot let it steam and brew

  4. Mix baking soda with cocaine

  5. Stir it until it lock up and rock up

  6. Put on scale

  7. Weigh out a gram of crack

  8. Serve to the fienes for 20 and better

  9. Dont serve to people you dont know like new faces you havent met before

  10. Bag up work

  11. Recieve a blessing

  12. Serve hand to hand or mobile

  13. Let a fiene test it to see if its real

  14. Hit the block

  15. Be discrete

  16. Count money at the end of night

  17. Leave town by 4reup

  18. Never serve the same junkie more then 3 times

  19. Never get caught slipping

  20. Never leave stove on

  21. Celebrate with a bad bitch

  22. Never front nobody nothing

  23. If they aint got money tell them to fuck off

  24. Always record junkies reaction after 5mins of smoking your product

  25. Be real with the ? plug

  26. Dont answer door but answer window

  27. Sale atleast 100 dollars worth a night

  28. If police raid flush it

  29. Never let a kid know your next move

  30. Keep a ? pistol

  31. Tell fienes meet you at a distance

  32. Never smoke your own.product

  33. Sale to a dummy first

  34. Then build ya empire

  35. Buy a watch and chain

  36. Watch out for the alphabelt boys

  37. Shop open 24.7

  38. Never trust shit

  39. Nevet put your self in danger if so take a trip

  40. Touchdown to cause hell

  41. Clean up evidence

  42. Watch security monitors tightly

  43. If its pure white its right

  44. Crawl before you walk

  45. Never step in public with drugs on you

  46. Count your blessing 5 times a day

  47. Rap about the dope game and embrace it

  48. Cook up ya own product

  49. Real recognize real

  50. Never put product online or social media

  51. When on phone use codes

  52. The end of being a drug lord

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