1. 6 pieces chicken chops with skin
  2. 3 romanian tomatoes
  3. 1 medium onion
  4. 4 cloves minced garlic
  5. 3 pieces green pepper
  6. 2 medium potatoes
  7. 200 ml Tomatoe puree
  8. 3 table spoon Olive oil
  9. 200 ml water


  1. First skin side fry chicken chops both side (If required add a little oil to tray) and add onion after chicken fry them till they changed the color

  2. When onions changed their color to soft brown remove them to another plate from tray

  3. You can add a litte bit more oil to tray and add tomatoes and pepper to fry their one side or you can grill without oil

  4. When tomatoes and pepper cooked add oil and minced garlic to tray and fry just 20 sec

  5. Pour tomatoes puree and add more oil and cook it until sour taste is gone and mix with cooked onions

  6. Mix with tomatoes puree sauce with your chicken chops and place on tray

  7. Add sliced potates like you desire and add 100-200 ml water (if you like juicy sauce add more water) and add salt and pepper or other spice you desire

  8. Cook in 200 celcius degree oven for 40 mins (you shouls check potatoes, if they are not cooked add more time it depends to your oven)

  9. You can serve with choped fresh parsley and green onion. Bonne petite 😋

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