My little girl wants to be all independent and absolutely detests spoon feeding by now. I’ve created this healthy fiber loaded recipe to ensure that she can get all the nutritional benefits whilst safe enough for her to gum (she’s only got 2 teeth for now). This recipe creates smooth soft meatballs for babies to gum away. Reccomended for babies aged 9 months and above.



  1. Half cup of sweet potatoes, cubed
  2. Quarter cup of uncooked skinless chicken breast
  3. 2 tablespoons baby cereal (I used organic baby porridge)


  1. Peel, wash and cube orange sweet potatoes. Place it in a steamer to steam for at least 15min, until it is soft. Remove from heat and roughly mash with a fork.

  2. Cut skinless and boneless chicken breast (fats trimmed) into cubes. Using a food processor, grind the meat until it forms a smooth paste.

  3. Add mashed sweet potatoes and baby cereal into the ground chicken and pulse a few times until ingredients are well mixed.

  4. Shape mixture into half inch balls (rough balls will do, the rough texture helps those little hands with grabbing the meatballs). I used a teaspoon for this and just scooped out the mixture and drop them onto a heatproof plate.

  5. Steam for at least 15min or until the pieces are cooked through. Cool down and serve to your little one! (note please ensure constant monitoring while the little one is eating to minimise the risk of choking). Serve with the side of other veggies cut into bite pieces (sweet potato sticks, long beans, cucumber sticks, pumpkin cubes etc).

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