Well, this is technically the 4th meal with the steak and 2nd for the pork butt. Over the Easter holiday we had a cook out. My husband used the last of the sirloin to make his baked beans. I wish he’d give me the recipe lol my daughter took some pork butt and the rest went into the pot with the leftover beans. Very hearty and very delicious. Something easy to throw together in a couple of minutes when you have a Fridge full of leftovers.


  1. Leftover baked beans
  2. Leftover meat, I used pork and there was beef sirloin in the beans
  3. Chopped fresh tomatoes
  4. Chopped fresh cilantro


  1. Mix your beans and meat in a pot and heat to a bubble.

  2. Chop some fresh tomato and cilantro as a finish.

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