1. Chicken or Mushroom bouillon
  2. 3 potatoes
  3. 4 carrots
  4. 300 g mushrooms
  5. 1 onion
  6. 200 g Dzintars creamy processed cheese w/ porcini
  7. 100 g dill


  1. Prep the bouillon first — if you boil chicken, that would be perfect: just take your chicken out when it’s ready and use the water for this step. Otherwise use your preferred chicken or mushroom bouillon cube.

  2. Bring the bouillon to boil and put sliced potatoes and carrots in it.

  3. While the potatoes and carrots are boiling, cook sliced mushrooms with onions on a pan. The mushrooms you use for this soup could be champignons or any of your favorite forest mushrooms that you can get given the season and your market availability.

  4. When the potatoes and carrots are soft, add the cooked mushrooms with onions and the Dzintars creamy cheese. Stir over medium heat until creamy consistency.

  5. Serve with some dill or croutons on top. ? Yum!

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