Simple dish… minimum effort


  1. 1 chicken breast
  2. Mug of rice
  3. 2 x eggs
  4. Soya sauce
  5. 2 x red chilli


  1. Throw the breast into a deep pot and slowly fry up… add a glug of soya sauce

  2. Cook your rice up 2 days before! Then fry with a little oil on high

  3. Once the rice gets a light golden brown look… make some space and drop in 2 eggs….

  4. Let the eggs fry up then smash em…. before mixing with the rice adding a chopped chilli to taste

  5. Add chicken it it’s a main meal… or just for the hell of it…

  6. Add soya sauce to taste… add a little at a time.

  7. Mix that bad boy up

  8. Serve up and enjoy!

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