Trying more bacon. I Know it all about kaldolmars.


  1. Large head of cabbage
  2. Meat filling
  3. Ground beef 70%
  4. Onion mixture
  5. Milk
  6. Eggs
  7. Stale bread (cut in small 1/4" cubes)
  8. Thyme
  9. Cumin
  10. Garlic powder
  11. Onion powder
  12. Oregano
  13. Dry mustard
  14. Adolph's seasoning
  15. Worcestershire sauce
  16. Olive oil
  17. White wine
  18. Potatoes
  19. Idaho potatoes quartered
  20. Salt
  21. Mashed potatoes
  22. Potatoes
  23. Butter
  24. Milk
  25. Eggs
  26. Garlic baked and smashed
  27. Salt and pepper
  28. Parsley
  29. Cheese extra sharp cheddar
  30. Swiss cheese
  31. Parmesan cheese
  32. Bacon
  33. Grilled carrots
  34. Carrots
  35. Extra virgin olive oil
  36. Sauce brushed on
  37. Carrot sauce
  38. Honey
  39. Maple syrup
  40. Bacon bits
  41. Cinnamon
  42. Tarragon
  43. White wine
  44. Water purified for drinking
  45. Worcestershire sauce
  46. Beef grease from juice of kaldolmars


  1. Wash all food, meat, vegetables, everything and pat dry with paper towels.

  2. In large kettle boil salted water to a rolling boil. Quarter potatoes and lower into kettle to boil about ten to fifteen minutes.

  3. In small saucepan add honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, tarragon, and Worcestershire sauce and simmer over a very low heat twenty minutes adding white wine and water to thin as it Cooks down.

  4. Onion mixture. Into skillet covered with extra virgin olive oil add chopped diced onions, celery, garlic, and seasonings. Saute five minutes until onions are clear, supervise but don’t stir onions for about ten minutes more until onions are carmelized.

  5. In a large metal mixing bowl place beef. Punch a depression into the center of the meat. Place the bread cubes in the center add milk, eggs, onion mixture, and thyme, cumin, oregano, dry mustard (little bit), Adolph’s seasoning, little extra virgin olive oil, Worcestershire sauce,. Reach in with very clean hands and squeeze and knead the meat gently folding in all the ingredients.

  6. Blanche the cabbage head in the rolling bubbles of hot water. Lifting the head out using a slotted spoon. Peel off hot leaves. The cabbage leaves should be one piece not ripped apart or torn, and very easy to bend and roll into shape, not thin and white or clear.

  7. Roll cabbage rolls. It’s easier to do each leaf one at a time, or separate several leaves into a cookie sheet and cover with a warm wet paper towel because weight will break and tear them. Either way, take one leaf, form a handful of meat about one third the width of the leaf and one fourth the length.

  8. Place the meat in the pocket of the leaf below the membrane stem across the membrane in the first soft area after the stem. Roll one side of the leaf over toward the middle and the other side over toward the center overlapping the two. Turn the thickest part of the leaf, the stem, over the meat and roll the covered little loaf forward until the cabbage sits in a tight roll, pin a toothpick through weaving it in and out to create a very tight roll.

  9. Place each kaldolmar into an oblong glass pan and cover with a little water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan and an equal amount of white wine, liquid should only barely cover the bottom of the pan not create a bath for the kaldolmars.

  10. Preheat oven to 350° F. Bake about twenty minutes, remove from oven. Place a small pat of butter on each kaldolmar, there will be no liquid in the bottom of the pan, but there will be ground beef grease. Scoop grease into cup. Pour white wine into the pan from one corner just to cover bottom of pan, return pan to oven and bake at 325° about thirty to forty minutes depending on your elevation. Meat should be cooked well done never rare or medium. Kaldolmars should be crispy, toasty brown.

  11. Add some grease from kaldolmars to carrot sauce and continue to simmer adding a bit more wine for flavor. Brush each carrot with sauce and plate setting plate into freezer a few minutes.

  12. Remove potatoes and drain water, drying with paper towel. Place butter, milk, and seasonings into kettle melting butter over a low heat. Add smashed garlic and set aside. In large metal mixing bowl using hand mixer break down potatoes into mash, adding a small amount of cold milk to moisten lightly. Add hot buttery mixture slowly continuing to mix potatoes into a smooth lumpless mash, add eggs and beat well.

  13. Remove kaldolmars from oven allow to rest fifteen to twenty minutes. Turn oven to 450°F.

  14. Turn on grill. Place several pieces of bacon on grill and grill till done but not burned.

  15. While grilling bacon, scoop potatoes into casserole dish layering with cheese, place in oven and bake ten minutes.

  16. Remove bacon and set on paper towel to dry.

  17. Remove carrots from freezer they will not be icy, frozen, or very cold but the sauce should have set some. Place carrots on grill crossing lengthwise for optimum grill marks. Grill about three minutes on each side, turn them even if it is a Foreman grill.

  18. Rip bacon into small pieces.

  19. Remove carrots from grill, place on plate and sprinkle bacon pieces on carrots.

  20. Remove potatoes from oven. Turn off oven. Turn off grill. Turn off all burners, wipe sharp knives and put away.

  21. Plate by scooping potatoes around the edges of the plate until completely in an enclosed circle. Stand two kaldolmars up on end leaning into one another and stand glazed carrots from potatoes into the center touching the kaldomers. Sprinkle bacon pieces over potatoes. Serve with white wine.

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