1. Cooked meatballs
  2. Pizza dough
  3. Pizza sauce
  4. Cheese of choice


  1. Grease pizza pan and preheat oven on 350

  2. Take dough and spread it on pizza pan

  3. Make cuts in the dough (I could have done better on this)

  4. Place cooked meatball on the center of the cuts fold dough over meatball and pinch dough together. Repeat till all cuts are filled with meatballs.

  5. Put pizza sauce in the middle, top it with cheese. Bush outer dough with some Olive oil. cook till cheese has melted and dough has browned up some

  6. Done! Let cool some before cutting into slices.

  7. Notes- I made 3 of these, why my pictures may look different. I also cooked the last pizza on boil setting, as I forgot to turn it back to 350 after I cooked the 2nd pizza… so this can be cooked on the boil setting, also why I burnt some of my last pizza.

  8. I used this kind of dough, I was being lazy or could use the dough in a tube… or homemade dough. I do have a good pizza dough recipe, but like I said I was being lazy… and I used frozen Premade meatballs, you can make your own meatballs, yet again I was being lazy lol.

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